How To Register Your Own Aadhaar Centre and Start Earning Money

How To Register Your Own Aadhaar Centre and Start Earning Money

Aadhaar cards are a very important entity as of today and one can not overlook their importance at any given cost. Now, while everyone mostly has an Aadhaar, it needs correction or alteration from time to time. For these services, we have to head to an Aadhaar Centre in our vicinity.

Now, you can not only go to these Aadhaar Centre but can also own one. The procedure is divided into steps and you need to pass a certification exam and well as some further registration steps for the same.

How To Register Your Own Aadhaar Centre and Start Earning Money

Steps To Register For an Aadhaar Centre

    1. Visit NSEIT official website.
    2. Here you have to register with a new profile and create a new account if you don’t already have one.
    3. You will be supplied with a code inside a file at this point. To view that, you need to have an offline e-Aadhaar by visiting .
    4. You’ll receive both XML File and Share Code by opening up the file.
    5. One Aadhaar ID and Password will be generated and mailed back to your registered number and email.
    6. You will be presented with a form where you need to fill in all the information correctly.
    7. After this, you need to upload a photo and a digital signatory as well.
    8. Verify once again that all information provided is correct.
    9. There will be fees included for the registration and after paying that up, you’ll be provided with a receipt for the same. This will make your registration full and final.
    10. The next thing would be to wait for the next one to two days and login back into the portal to check back with the details.
    11. After that, you would be needing to book your exam center date and details.
    12. You will get a admit card which you can print then and voila! You’ve successfully registered for the process, take the exam and you’d be set up with your very own Aadhaar Centre.

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