Google’s New Lookup Feature Decodes Unknown Numbers in One Click

Google is going to bring a lookup feature for its users, after this feature no unknown numbers can bother you.


Google has crores of users all over the world. Along with the search engine, Google also provides many other services which have become a part of the life of the common man. Like Gmail, Google Photos, Drive and many such services which are used by a large population of the world. Google always keeps bringing one feature after another keeping its users in mind, which is amazing in itself. Once again Google is coming up with a great feature, which can prove to be beneficial for the users.

Google's New Lookup Feature Decodes Unknown Numbers in One Click

This feature of Google will make you happy. Google is releasing Lookup for its users. This feature will be used for the company’s phone app. Now you must be wondering what this feature is and what are its benefits? Let us tell you that the Lookup feature will work on calls coming from unknown numbers in the phone. That is, with the help of this feature, if someone calls from an unknown number, then you can identify it. Till now Google does not have any such feature through which unknown numbers can be tracked. In such a situation, with the launch of this feature, it will become easier to identify the number.


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Will this feature be available in all phones?

Although apps like True Caller are available on Play Store and iOS to identify common numbers, but from the point of view of security, many people are away from using True Caller. In such a situation, the benefit of this feature will be available to the person who uses the Google Phone app. That is, you will not need a separate True Caller app. The company has announced the Lookup feature as a Pixel feature for the month of June. Google Pixel phones will help in avoiding unknown numbers. Now how will you get this facility if you buy this phone? The simple answer is that it will be downloaded in your phone.


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