Instagram to Launch Private Reels Recommendation Feature for Friends- Know Details

Instagram is soon launching Blend


You will soon see a new feature on Instagram. This feature is called “Blend,” which makes sharing reels with friends easy and fun. Currently, testing of this feature is underway. In this feature, users and their friends can leave the blend anytime, and it remains entirely private. However, information about when this feature will be available to users has not been provided yet.

Instagram to Launch Private Reels Recommendation Feature for Friends- Know Details

This feature came to light when reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi shared a post about it on social media. Paluzzi shared information about it on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) along with a screenshot. In this feature, reels will be combined to create a special feed that you have shared with your friends or ones that you and your friend prefer to watch.


How Does Blend Feature Work?

The Blend feature works by curating a special list of reels based on both yours and your friend’s preferences when you include them. Instagram will take care of your combined interests and create a personalized list of reels accordingly. An excellent example of this feature is Spotify’s Blend feature, where two people can merge their favorite songs to create a playlist.

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This feature will remain personal between you and your friend, and you can leave the blend at any time. Instagram hasn’t provided specific information about when this update will be available. One thing is certain, though: after the introduction of this feature, watching Instagram reels with friends will be quite enjoyable.


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