10 Best Motivational Influencers to Follow on Instagram in 2022


Internet is a lovely place. It can save and destroy us in ways we cannot even imagine. The social media platform Instagram has emerged as one of the most successful tools to influence people all over the world. The reels on Insta have inspired trends that went viral worldwide. It has made the reach of everyone on Insta expand manifold. The inspirational and motivational influencers on Instagram have found a perfect tool to reach millions of people to inspire their thoughts.

motivational influencers on Instagram

Here are the 10 Best Motivational Influencers on Instagram:

1- Given by Tanya Goyal


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Given by Tanya Goyal is an Insta page that you should follow if you are looking for life-altering advice that can help you self-improve. She regularly shares her thoughts to inspire and motivate people. Tanya also has the best advice for those who are looking to improve their relationships with others and themselves.

Watching her videos will make you realize how living your life should be the most important on your checklist

2- Nikita Sharma

Nikita Sharma is a well-known motivational speaker and influencer. She is followed by more than 2 million people on Instagram. Her page on the social media platform is aimed at providing people with advice to cope with failures. She also gives her opinions on women’s rights and body positivity.

3- Amy Purdy


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Amy Purdy is the one motivational speaker you need to follow asap if you are stuck in life due to certain obstacles. She gives thorough advice on how to turn the stones thrown at you into milestones. Amy invites inspiring personalities to speak about their life struggles to motivate and inspire her audience.

4- Gretchen Rubin


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Want to know how to make your life happier and easier? Gretchen Rubin will exactly tell you the answer to that. She just recently created an app named Happier to guide others towards happiness. She has also written books on the issue of happiness.

5- Les Brown

Do you want to rise against the odds in your life? Need someone to inspire that hunger for chasing your dreams? Les Brown is one of the best motivational influencers that you should follow to give wings to your dreams. He has recently co-written a book- Ignite the Hunger in You, which is highly motivational and inspirational.

6- Iyanla Vanzant


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Iyanla Vanzant is an inspirational influencer that you relate to. She shares her life struggles with her followers. Vanzant has turned into a best-selling author but still gives out the best advice on self-care and self-love on Instagram. She also has an app called Mind Matters Meditations App.

7- Kim Kaupe


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Are you a budding entrepreneur and want to follow someone who has seen the same struggle as you to get motivation and inspiration for your ventures? Kim Kaupe may be the person for you to follow. She appeared on Shark Tank USA and later went on to create her fan engagement agency called The Superfan Company.

8- Clara Macciocchi


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Clara Guillem promotes body positivity like no other motivational influencer on Instagram. Her page is filled with a fun journey that will inspire you to be more social and vocal. She is letting people know that appearance does not matter. It’s our actions that we should be worried about.

9- Tran


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Self-love is something that people in today’s generation find hard to emulate. Tran is one of the best motivational influencers on Instagram if you want to know how to treat yourself better. She has a special series called Being Your Soulmate to help people discover their self-love.

10- Spencer West


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A post shared by Spencer West (@spencer2thewest)

Spencer West is an inspirational figure. He was diagnosed with a genetic disease, and both of his legs were removed at the age of 5 due to that. However, the influencer says that you can do nothing with just a little self-belief. His inspiring journey will light a fire inside your heart.


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