10 Best Women Entrepreneurs who will Inspire you

Building a business from scratch in an orthodox Indian society is perhaps one of the hardest things to do for a woman. It requires everything from time to money to skills and much more. However, the most needed aspect is the courage to not falter against any adversity or hurdles. The best women entrepreneurs have shown that courage and faith in their abilities to grow a business out of nowhere. These inspiring ladies have earned the respect of their fellow business mates and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Here are the 10 Best Women Entrepreneurs that will instil you with motivation and confidence:

1- Aditi Gupta

aditi best women entrepreneur

Co-founder: Menstrupedia

Aditi Gupta is one of the most daring and inspiring women entrepreneurs. She took up writing comics to get rid of myths surrounding menstruation. Aditi established Menstrupedia with her husband in 2012 to spread social awareness and break the taboos. She was named under Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2014.

2- Chitra Gurnani Daga

Co-founder- Thrillophilia

Every one of us searches for the best locations, reviews, and much more before planning a trip. Daga’s famous website is one of the top internet sites that reviews everything you might need before visiting a place on your vacation. She listened to her inner voice and let her passion for traveling guide her to establish Thrillophilia with her husband back in 2009.

3- Divya Gokulnath

Co-founder- BYJU’S

The famous learning and educating platform have garnered many positive reviews for its well-planned structure of courses and professional teaching practices. Divya joined Byju Raveendran’s classes and soon married him to become the successful co-founder of the BYJU ultimately.

4- Falguni Nayar

Founder- Nykaa

Falguni Nayar is an experienced businesswoman who worked for more than 25 years in the financial sector. She finally founded Nykaa.com in 2008 to establish her own business of skin-care and beauty products. She has received many business awards, including the Women Ahead award by Economics Times.

5- Malini Agarwal

malini women entrepreneurs

Founder- Miss Malini

Malini Agarwal is one of the best influential women entrepreneurs in India. She established her business Miss Malini on her own and has become a successful host, digital influencer, author, and ultimately an entrepreneur. Her journey is one of the most inspiring ones for the budding entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry.

6- Naiyya Saggi

Founder- Babychakra

Naiyya Saggi is a Harvard graduate who returned to India to establish one of the most influencing parenting apps. She has transformed the Indian maternity industry with her venture in the field. She founded the app in 2015 and has partnered with popular brands like Johnson and Johnson.

7- Sanna Vohra

Founder- The Wedding Brigade

Sanna Vohra founded The Wedding Brigade in 2016 to create a one-stop shop for all the things required during a wedding. She has been listed on Forbes 30 under 30 lists and named one of India’s most influential women entrepreneurs.

8- Richa Singh

Founder- YourDOST

Richa Singh is a social entrepreneur who graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology. She experienced the death of a fellow student during her time at IIT and decided to build a platform to help struggling students. She founded YourDOST with that vision in 2013 to provide mental health counseling to students.

9- Khushboo Jain

women entrepreneurs

Co-founder- ImpactGuru.com

Kushbhoo Jain co-founded one of the most successful crowdfunding platforms for patients struggling to get healthcare facilities. Her website aims to make India a better and healthy place to live.

10- Shradha Sharma

Founder- YourStory

Shradha Sharma founded her website YourStory to provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs to promote and report about their startups. She has become one of the best women entrepreneurs with her unique concept and idea.

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