Benefits Of Having Dogs Around You And Your Kids


The benefits of having dogs around your kids and yourself are quite related to your social growth. Getting your child a pet dog at a young age could increase your kids’ social development skills and tackle insecurity being in a peer. According to the experts, children, who fall in the category of 2-10 years of age group have the maximum impact on their social development while having a pet around them. 

Benefits Of Having Dogs

Social distracting and physical isolation is been practiced now more than ever. With the spread of the novel Coronavirus throughout the globe and a vaccine nowhere to be seen, the two have become the utmost priority for most of us. 

And meanwhile, whether it may be controllable for the adults, the kids are more likely of being unable to express their feelings in this new environment. They could feel the feeling of being left out or loneliness in an early stage which could be disastrous. 

Children can suffer from low self-confidence at an early stage,” suggests expert

According to Dr. Mayra Mendez, who is a physiotherapist in Saint Monica, California has suggested that living in a long duration of such social distancing scenarios could have a deep impact on social development skills for the young blood.  

“Societal trauma may impact children by heightening their sense of uncertainty, confusion, ambiguity, and worry. Children may show signs of emotional and mental health impact by increasing questions reflecting feelings of fear and distress,” Mendez said. 

Mendez has also reminded some symptoms of a child experiencing ‘Social Loneliness’. These could include outbursts, irritability, poor sleep behavior, and difficulty in concentrating and problem-solving. They may be expressing such emotions by asking you to be left alone or being less communicative. 

Dogs can make your child ready against social awkwardness, one of the major benefits of having dogs.

According to research published in the Pediatric Research, more than 1,646 families were examined on the behavioral health issues and does having a dog could mitigate your child’s social awkwardness. And the results were mind-boggling.  

Social-Development Benefits Of Having Dogs

The researchers found that the families who had a dog were 30 percent less likely to report conduct and peer problems with their toddlers in comparison to families that do not own dogs. The same research found that toddlers who have a dog as an acquaintance are more likely to gain behavioral feelings. 

Such feelings include trust, the ability to love unconditionally, build relational skills, better mood stability, and enhance socio-emotional competence. These animals somehow help a child to overcome their fear of emotions and let them experiment on them. 

These experiments of the behavior of a child can result in-

  1. A better understanding of others
  2. Increase physical activities 
  3. Help to learn Selflessness
  4. Learn and practice responsibility
  5. Promote empathy and a sense of caring toward others
  6. Help to build good body growth 
  7. Enhance problem-solving skills while playing 
  8. And finally, make opportunities to engage in situations like companionship and teamwork.

Not only does a child need to cultivate these emotions, adults who might have lost some of them could also take help. Dr. Mendez also suggests that during the time of lockdown and social distracting, adults too have faced difficulty getting back to their normal regime. 

This has created them less potent to cope up with the uptake of mixed emotions. On the other hand, to tackle such situations, one can take up the responsibility and reliability of a dog and clutter out their stress, mental fatigue, and thus instill good and happy thoughts. 

So next time while you think to consult a therapist or a doctor for good care of you or your child, try going to a pet store first!

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