Detox Drink Recipes For Your Weight Loss Resolutions In 2021


Being locked inside our homes in 2020 made most of us binge-eat and allowed us to relax away at home, so here’s a new year with all new beginnings and resolutions and on this note here’s a few detox drink recipes for you to follow that fitness resolution, without having to feel too guilty about feasting on our comfort foods.

Trying out new recipes in the kitchen made all of us gain those extra inches and now it’s time to shed all that extra weight, one sip at a time with these 5 amazing detox drink recipes. 

Detox drink recipes

Apple Cinnamon detox

It’s true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But with cinnamon introduced into the mix, it’s the ultimate combo of goodness in a glass. Use finely chopped apple pieces, and a single cinnamon stick in a glass of water, leave it to infuse for some time and consume it every day.

It is rejuvenating and fends off a lot of cardiovascular diseases and hypertension etc. It is rich with antioxidants and phytonutrients and leaves you feeling fresh for the rest of the day. 


Orange Carrot detox

Carrots are great to be consumed raw as a snack, but orange which boosts immunity by providing us Vitamin C makes a smooth blend and tastes great in the morning.

Nothing is better than a glass of immunity early in the morning. Carrots that are loaded with beta carotene, should be put in with a small pinch of ginger which has anti-inflammatory properties. 

Use an entire orange to get the pulpy juice and a single chopped carrot with ginger to get this vibrant nutritious blend. 

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Traditional drink to welcome summer in every Indian household is also one of the best methods to lose the extra pounds that somehow always catch up to us in the winters. It is the best method to detox as it keeps you hydrated throughout the day, and it is the easiest to make. Using lemon juice in water, opt for salt rather than sugar. If it doesn’t do justice to the sweet lemonade that you’re used to, organic honey can also be added in place of sugar. 

Chia detox

A spoonful of chia seeds left in water, and consumed early in the morning with a bit of lemon or honey added to this detox water, is the healthiest way to start off your mornings now. It leaves you feeling full, and reduces hunger and cravings for unhealthy snacks in between. Chia seeds are gluten-free. They become gel-like when you leave them in water. It will also help you to clear your entire system. Ways to Reduce Belly Fat More Effectively

Honey Lemon Ginger tea detox

This one for the tea lovers out there. Add ginger to boiling water, and strain it into a cup. Add honey and lemon, et voila, you have your amazing concoction of honey lemon ginger tea. It will also keep the cold winter blues away. 

These detox drink recipes will help you to balance out the loading from the holidays and celebration season and therefore will help you to get back to your routine.

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