What Causes Stomach Bloating and How to Avoid it


Stomach bloating has been women’s long time hassle. It is a situation where the abdomen swells up due to gas. While the underlying cause could be gas or digestive issues that are nothing out of the ordinary, chronic bloating that is accompanied with pain needs medical attention.

stomach bloating

Top 5 solutions to reduce stomach bloating and avoid it altogether:

1. Conscious mindful eating-

Always pay attention to the food you are eating. Eating mindlessly in a haste and while working might cause severe digestive issues that cause bloating. Moreover, you will tend to eat less and not overeat if you are paying heed to what you are putting inside your stomach. This will in turn help from reducing and stop bloating altogether. Improved digestion means improved health and body. Thus, eating slowly, chewing your food properly and thoughtfully will help you clear out bloating.

2. Stress and anxiety-

while many may not take this as an actual serious cause for bloating, stress and anxiety are in fact a major factor that accelerate bloating. According to many scientific studies, stress causes a flight or fight sensation in your body that generates poor digestion. Therefore, when you are stressed out your digestive systems will malfunction resulting in bloating. Best way out of this would be changing your daily routines and schedule and make a plan, meditate and eat healthy.

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3. Sugar Alcohol-

If you are a sugar-free enthusiast, we have bad news for you, sugar alcohols such as sorbitol and mannitol used as sweeteners in sugar free products might actually be one of the reasons as to why your tummy is getting bloated often. While this is not true for all, certain case studies reveal how constant chewing of gums or consumption of sugar-free products have caused bloating. So next time you buy a sugar-free product look for sugar alcohols in the ingredients and throw them off your basket for a while. After all its a worth a shot to check if you are resistant or not to these sugar alcohols.

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4. Carbonated drinks-

Carbonated drinks are another product you may have to end up cutting down. The excess gas that develops upon consumption of these drinks cause bloating in the abdomen. While some are prone to such effects after its consumption, some take direct hit to their tummy. So the best option is to cut it down for a while and check if that is where your problem lies.

5. Probiotics-

Good gut health is significant for good digestion and good health. According to certain scientific studies probiotics have positive results on bloating. Try to include as much as probiotics in your diet as possible. Start with getting probiotics from natural food sources and if that doesn’t have the desired effects, switch to supplements. You can get your natural probiotics from yoghurt, kimchi or Sauerkrauts.

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