Simple Home Decorative Ideas For This Festive Season


Well, Diwali has inaugurated the festive season in the country and we can’t help but to dress all good and think of decorative ideas for our homes too.

Moving on we would rather ask, what’s your plan for this Diwali season? Have nothing special in mind, that okay too because we might have something for you. Why not start with some home decor ideas for your home, that sure sound nice, right?

So, here are some of the decorative ideas that you can implement in your own home to add some shine and glitter to your home sweet home.

Decorative Ideas

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Colorful Lantern Décor

Diwali is the festival of light and with that in mind, we can celebrate this Diwali by decorating with lanterns and lights.

Try different colors and shapes in lanterns and believe us, there are so many options, you’ll be baffled to choose from.

Theme – based décor

You are a die-hard fan of a boy band or you like a specific genre of art, everything can go up your walls to give it a personal theme based touch to your holy abode.

Now, choose what theme you want to go within this Diwali and surprise anyone who comes in for a visit, that does sound fun, doesn’t it?

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Do it with fairy lights

Fairy light can rock your walls, plants, interiors, or whatever you want to put them on. Along with lights, it adds a depth of character to the interiors of your home and makes it more soothing.

Prefer yellow lighting when going for decoration for it’s quite soothing and good to the eyes.

Try eco-friendly decoration methods

Try eco-friendly decoration and make your home into something which looks good and won’t harm the environment as well.

Try hand made craft and pottery, along with anything that gets dissolved with the environment without leaving a fumigating trail of pollution mess.


A curtain of flowers & lights

Flowers are the best and when combined with lights, it makes us remember the good old Diwali vibe, ain’t it?

Yes! so go and get some fresh flowers and hang them around with a combined colored soothing touch of lights and you’re good to impress anyone that might drop in for a visit.

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