Top 7 Diwali Shopping Places to enjoy the Festival of Lights


With Diwali just around the doorstep, city markets are brimming with activity. The roadways in Delhi appear to be the busiest. Delhi celebrates Diwali in spectacular style, and there’s no doubting that it’s the perfect spot for individuals who want to make their Diwali unforgettable in a variety of ways!

You simply cannot escape Diwali shopping in Delhi. For many generations, the city has been a supermarket’s preferred spot, attracting shopaholics from all around, and deservedly so. From fancy shops to bustling bazaars, Delhi has a lot to offer individuals of all financial levels, interests, and needs. And these vibrant marketplaces spring to life around Diwali, among the most important Indian celebrations.

Here is the list of 7 Diwali shopping places that you must consider while purchasing.

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  1. Sarojni Nagar

Sarojni Nagar is one of Delhi’s most well-known regional markets, has Now become the spot to go for Diwali shopping. Aside from incredible bargains on everything for sale, the Main Market and the market’s outside pathways are filled with clay and mud potters offering diyas, lamps, and other artistic goods. In addition, across the major bus stop in Sarojini Nagar, there is a tiny road lined with businesses that only sell these things.

  1. Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk is an excellent location for shopping for numerous holiday things. One can experience ideal Diwali shopping here by purchasing items for Dhanteras and Laxmi Puja. Chandni Chowk’s small tunnels are centuries old and are separated into numerous specialized markets. Dariba Kalan sells a large selection of silver and gold decorations. Shops in the vicinity of the Jama Masjid offer crackers and pyrotechnics. You may purchase a selection of fireworks from Sadar Bazar. Stores providing aromatic candles, elegant lampshades, beautiful décor items, wonderful gift boxes, and so much more can be found at Kinari Bazar.These Thrift Markets Of Delhi Will Keep Your Pockets Warm And Your Style Quotient on Point.

3 Paharganj Market

Few people are aware of this shopping paradise nestled near the New Delhi Railway Station. The Paharganj Market is well-known for its leather bags and inexpensive silver trinkets. If you go to the marketplace during Diwali, you’ll notice all the street merchants offering beautiful lamps, earthen pots, artistically decorated diyas, and aromatic candles. Aside from that, the shop has a fantastic choice of earrings, bracelets, and boho items. So, if you’re going on a Diwali shopping make sure to stop by this vibrant market.

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  1. Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is in INA, Delhi is one of the most well-known/popular markets for  Diwali shopping for a wide variety of handmade products from various Indian states. The festival season is the perfect time to go shopping in Dilli Haat because it becomes fairly colorful and quirky during this time. Before the Diwali holiday, you’ll notice colorful lamps, an amazing array of exquisite diyas and candles, and other items of decorating. This permanent exhibition site is a nexus for artisans, and you’ll find a lot of innovative shapes here. However, haggling is more difficult in Dilli Haat because it is more of a fixed pricing place and the shopkeepers are extremely inflexible.

  1. Atta Market

In every way, this is a supermarket’s heaven! During Diwali, Atta Market comes alive with lights. There are lanterns, various types of electronic lights, exquisite lamps, gorgeous diyas, spectacular Laxmi Ganesh statues, and all the ornamental products . for example. There are also showrooms and businesses selling celebratory apparel for males, women, and kids at the time of Diwali Shopping. During the festival, the place is simply great and remains filled with shoppers. If you want to avoid crowds, go daytime, but the best deals are in the night, just before closing time. And bargain; don’t purchase anything at the price mentioned by the store; they’ll lower it later.

  1. Dariba Kalan Lane

When visiting Chandni Chowk, you must visit Dariba Kalan Lane. It’s close to Jama Masjid; go to the merchants along this road for silver and gold jewellery, as well as Dhanteras products. If you want to give silver/gold coins to your family, here is the place to go for Diwali Shopping. they have shops that are over 100 years old. Here you will find the best jewellery, silver, and gold items. It’s just next to Chandni Chowk’s famed Jalebi vendor.

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  1. Tibetan market

If you adore handicrafts, you’ll enjoy this location. Diwali is the season of the year when this small Tibetan market on Janpath Road is brimming with brand lanterns, earthen diyas, beautiful lights, and other festive things. You can also purchase colorful purses and faux jewellery such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and bracelets. Add Tibetan market to your list for Diwali shopping to purchase jewellery at the lowest prices.

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