Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Naming Your Brand



If you’re looking to start up a company right now, you might decide not to place so much thought on what name your brand should go by. After all, you have an amazing and game-changing plan for the future. But the truth is that the customers you’re looking to amaze aren’t going to understand any of your ideas and values just like that. They need a name to identify your brand with.

Using a unique name generator to develop the perfect brand name is very vital because it helps translate your ideas to your target audience, and if you want to guarantee success, branding is everything. Without proper branding, your company is headed for the ditches, and the only way to keep up with the competition is to develop a proper naming strategy.

While coming up with a brand name, there are common mistakes you must avoid if you don’t want your brand to wither away.

Three Mistakes You Should Never Make When Naming Your Brand

1. Getting Motivated By Emotional Attachments

It’s no news that emotions are an important factor in the corporate industry, but you need to think bigger and broader if you’re to appeal to customers as well as develop an instant connection.

Using sentiments to pick a brand name for a startup company can sometimes be cute or even serve as a compelling backstory, but if you want to guarantee long-lasting success, you need to think outside the box. Perhaps you’ve decided to name your brand after the first toy you had or after a nickname your grandma gave you; how long do you think this will last before it becomes obscure?

Take, for instance, BlackBerry. This tech brand was once called Research in Motion. Imagine how they’d have fared if they had kept that name instead.

2. Using Names That’ll Spark Negative Connotations

When launching your brand, you’re not making it available to just the customers in your area alone, but rather you’re launching a global brand that’s available to all countries and people of various backgrounds. In addition, you should note that your brand will be catering to different individuals, and while their demands, problems, and solutions might be similar, their ethnicity and languages are different. So, what are we saying?

You need to be wary of the words you decide to pick for your brand. Because while these names may seem harmless and catchy where you’re from, they may spark Negative Connotations from other backgrounds and spell the end for your company in that region.

For example, if you’re opening a beauty store and you decide to use the ‘Bae,’ it may sound trendy and fun, but at the same time, you’re picking a word that means ‘poop’ to the Danes shopping with your brand. Therefore, you have to be conscious about what you choose and ensure you’ve conducted all the necessary linguistics checks before approving a brand name.

3. Choosing Names That Are Hard To Remember

Studies show that 4 out of 5 customers tend to forget a brand’s name just three days after coming across it. This emphasizes the need for a name that customers can commit to memory. Beyond adopting the current trends of misspelled and elaborate names, you should adopt memorable names if you’re starting up a company that aims to captivate its audience.

Take, for instance, platforms like Whatsapp and Apple. Not only have they gone for catchy names, but they also emphasized names that customers can easily remember.

Wrapping Up

The reason certain startup companies never actualized their goals was a lack of proper branding. This led to mistakes that centered around forgettable names and names with negative meanings. Be careful to avoid these common mistakes so that your startup brand can grow into a household brand.

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