6 Best Instagram Features That Every Online Business Should Use


Instagram is ranked 4th on the list of social media platforms with the most active users. A total of 1.5 Billion about 18% of the world population is using this social media platform on regular basis. What significance does it have for online businesses? Well, Instagram has become a hub where entrepreneurs are promoting their content, products and ideas through various means or features that the platform offers. Instagram has almost become a need for every online business to have a brand presence in the highly active social media sphere. With the right tools and mindset, every online business can use Instagram features in their favour to get a kickstart.

6 Best Instagram Features That Every Online Business Should Use

1- Using the Link Feature in Stories

link feature in story

An online business should regularly post stories to boost engagement on Instagram. However, those stories should have a follow-up with a link to the business’s website. This will slowly but steadily may help in building a new user base for the online business.

2- Reels with Trending Instagram Songs

Instagram reels

Ask any successful online business or an influence about how they widened their reach on Instagram and the answer would surely include by using the reels with trending Instagram songs. Reels are one of the best methods to be get seen and recognised by a large number of people. Your one reel which gets viral can completely change your business for good. Therefore, keeping an eye on trending Instagram songs and using them in your reels can definitely help you achieve better growth.

3- Usage of Hashtags

Instagram allows everyone to use up to 30 hashtags on a post and we recommend that you make use of it all. Hashtags can help make your post appear in the feed of other Instagram users which can ultimately result in boosting your social media engagement.

4- Story Highlights

Instagram story highlights

Every online business targets a few categories, products or content matters. Now, online businesses can use the Instagram story highlight feature to let people go through their best products or content via dedicated story highlights on their professional Instagram profiles. Every new user who visits your profile can instantly make a decision about whether to follow you or not by just taking a glance at your story highlights. Hence, it’s crucial to have stories that may help you reach your target audience.

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5- Promotion via Sponsors

Promoting products or content through influencers and celebs on Instagram is a sure-shot way of reaching thousands of people in an instant. This technique can surely be used the online businesses to gain a new user base and become more popular or visible on the social media platform.

6- Polls, Quizzes, Countdown and Other Stickers

instagram features

Instagram has a variety of features and among them, polls, quizzes and countdown stickers can be highly useful for online businesses. These stickers can help you in getting your targeted audience engaged and receive feedback on your content and products. It’s effective to listen to the people and make changes according to that.

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