How To Give Effective Employee Evaluations 


When you are an employer, you need to take good care of your employees. When you do, this ensures you have a positive, productive, profitable company. 

One way to help everyone is to conduct regular employee evaluations. When you can do this, it allows you to give feedback to your workers and to listen to anything they have to say to you. When everyone works together like this, a good team can become even better, and a failing team can start becoming more effective. 


Some employers don’t enjoy giving these evaluations as they are not sure what to say, do, or include. To help you, here are some of the things you need to think about when you want to give an effective employee evaluation. 

employee evaluation

Set Clear Expectations 

One of the most important elements of conducting a good employee evaluation is to set clear expectations right from the start. There should be nothing secretive about these talks (although most people will prefer to have them behind closed doors), and they should always be productive; never use an evaluation to berate anyone as this will leave a negative feeling with them and they may not work as hard.

At the start of the evaluation, make sure that you and the employee know what you need to get out of it. In that way, there will be a structure to follow and an end goal, and you can both be happy with the outcome. 

Use A Form 

Although it’s good to set up an evaluation in an informal way to make your employees feel at ease, you will want to record what is said. In this way, you can go back and see how far people have come and ensure that you have done everything you said you would for them, such as starting to use good employee benefits software to keep better track of what is offered and given. An evaluation form (either digital or paper) can be the ideal thing to use. 

Either download a form online or make one yourself and use it as the structure of your evaluation. Add your own questions and always follow up on points raised – don’t just read through the form without listening to the responses. When you have a form to help you, you know you won’t forget to ask anything, and you’ll be sure that every employee gets the same questions. This will make it easier to get an overall gauge of how your business is doing. 

Focus On Improvement 

The overall outcome of any evaluation should be improvement. Even your best employees might be able to do some things better than they are now, and certainly the ones who are struggling will need to improve. With good evaluations in place, this should be easily determined. 

If you focus on improvement throughout the evaluation, then any objections or concerns raised can be met with suggestions about how to turn things around and do better. Plus, remember that the evaluation might uncover things that you need to improve on, not just your employees. If that is the case, listen and come up with a plan to implement if necessary.


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