Best Romantic Web Series in Hindi on Netflix India in 2022


Have you already binge-watched the romantic web series in Hindi on other OTT platforms and finally shifted your gaze towards Netflix? But one thing that might be troubling you is where to start. What romantic web series in Hindi on Netflix India can actually measure up to your taste and preference is a question of high significance that must be bugging you if you have searched for the query romantic web series in Hindi on Netflix India on Google or whatever browser you may be using. Don’t worry; we have solved your dilemma by bringing the best romantic web series in Hindi on Netlfix India that will leave you with a delightful smile on your face. Our list includes the romantic Indian web series in Hindi on Netflix along with the best Hindi dubbed Korean romantic web series that you can stream in 2022. Buckle up cause we are introducing to you the most popular and best love stories to watch on Netflix in Hindi in 2022.

Here Are The Best Romantic Web Series in Hindi on Netflix India in 2022:

1- Little Things

Little Things is perhaps the best romantic web series in Hindi on Netflix at the moment. The show is a simple love story of a live-in couple in their twenties. You will love how they try to manage their life, relationships, work, commitment and much more in this endearing and feel-good romantic drama that’s definitely worth a watch.

romantic hindi web series on Netflix

2- The King: Eternal Monarch

The King: Eternal Monarch is a Hindi dubbed Korean romantic web series that you can watch right now on Netflix. The show is a romantic drama in which an emperor tries to close off the gate of the demon’s world while a female detective is trying to protect the one she loves in the midst of all this drama.

hindi dubbed korean series on netflix

3- College Romance

College Romance is a popular romantic show that you can binge-watch on Netflix in 2022. The series was originally created by The Timeliners. It shows the daily life of three college friends who are trying to manage their grades, career and love life. College Romance is a sweet romantic Indian web series that should be on your watch list.

college romance indian comedy show

4- Sex Education

Sex Education is a hot and bold Hindi dubbed romantic web series on Netflix India in 2022. The show has been highly successful due to its unique and unfiltered approach to the sexual intimacy of common people in our society. Most of the story is concerned with the people involved with the fictional Moordale Secondary School in this romantic drama.

romantic web series in hindi on netflix

5- A Suitable Boy

This Hindi romantic web series is well equipped to be among the best shows on Netflix in 2022. A Suitable Boy is set in 1951’s India, in which a woman is torn between family duty and romantic adventures. She is being pursued by three different men who all want to win her heart and make her their wife. However, the woman is confused about what she really do in this situation. It’s a wonderful romantic drama that you need to watch on Netflix in 2022.

a suitable boy romantic drama

6- Crash Landing on You

Crash Landing on You is a heartfelt Hindi dubbed romantic web series on Netflix India in 2022. The show follows a girl who accidentally lands in North Korea after her misadventures paragliding. Being a South Korean makes the girl fear for her life. However, she meets an army man who decides to help and save her instead of handing her to law enforcement. The show has a nice premise with a lovely story at its heart.

romantic korean show netflix

7- Start-Up

Start-Up is a South Korean romantic web series that will keep you glued to Netflix. The show has been dubbed in Hindi, and you can enjoy it with all your heart. Start-Up follows a girl who dreams of becoming a tech giant like Steve Jobs. Her ambition can be turned into a reality with the help of her boyfriend, who is a brilliant investor and business insider. The romantic drama is more than just a simple love story that you can watch on Netflix in Hindi.

romantic korean drama netflix

8- Feels Like Ishq

This teenage romance drama is a collection of beautiful love stories in Hindi that you can watch this year on Netflix. The web series depicts how teenagers find love in the most unexpected ways and places. Will they be able to come to terms with their feelings, or will they try to shrug it off as a mistake? Watch this endearing drama right now to know by clicking here.

feels like ishq romantic hindi web series on netflix

9- Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein

This romantic Indian thriller web series on Netflix has already gained immense popularity with its interesting and captivating plot that keeps you guessing. The show features Mirazpir fame Shweta Tripathi as one of the leads. It’s a thrilling romantic drama that depicts how a man goes to extreme lengths in order to get rid of the woman who is obsessed with him.

romantic indian show netflix

10- Decoupled

This is one of the best romantic web series in Hindi on Netflix to watch in 2022. Decoupled stars the famous actor R Madhavan in the lead role. It’s a romantic drama that focuses on a misanthropic writer and his start-up founder wife. They have a hard time getting their divorce finalised in the affluent world that brings with it a lot of absurdities and annoyances.

romantic drama netflix


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