10 New Movies and Series Coming on JioCinema, SonyLIV, Hotstar, ZEE5 & Netflix

This article highlights the 10 new movies and series are coming on JioCinema, SonyLIV, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar and ZEE5.


Lots of new movies and series are coming on various OTT platform within next few days. From horror comedy Kakuda to medical thriller Pill, there are lots of amazing and engaging content coming in the world of OTT. The list also includes upcoming movies such as Blame the Game, Lobola Man, Wild Wild Punjab and more. In this article, we have shared many entertaining and exciting OTT releases releasing this month on JioCinema, SonyLIV, Hotstar, ZEE5 and Netflix.

10 New Movies and Series Coming on JioCinema, SonyLIV, Hotstar, ZEE5 & Netflix

Here are the 10 new movies and series coming on Jio Cinema, SonyLIV, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar and ZEE5

1- Pill

Pill, which will stream on JioCinema from July 12, showcases the people caught in the quagmire of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Prakash is a determined medical professional who follows ethics in medical practices. The story focuses on Prakash and three whistleblowers who bravely confront the powerful pharmaceutical company Forever Cure.


2- 36 Days

36 Days is an upcoming thriller web series that is streaming on SonyLiv from July 12. The series revolves around a mysterious new tenant named Farah, who brings a storm of chaos into the lives of the people living nearby. Apart from Neha Sharma, 36 Days series also stars Purab Kohli, Shruti Seth, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Amruta Khanvilkar, Sharib Hashmi and Shernaz Patel in the lead roles.

3- Blame the Game

Blame the Game is an upcoming comedy movie that follows a young man whose first meeting with his girlfriend’s parents takes an unexpected twist when her former partner joins them for the game night. This upcoming Netflix movie scheduled to release on July 12, stars Dennis Mojen, Janina Uhse and Anna Maria Mühe in the lead roles.

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4- Lobola Man

Another Netflix movie that is arriving on this Friday i.e. July 12, is a romantic comedy movie titled Lobola Man. The upcoming movie directed by Thabang Moleya revolves around a lobola negotiator, who helps a shy client secure a lucrative deal, but soon he realises that the stakes are much higher than they seem to everyone and the entire movie is based on this only.

5- Wild Wild Punjab

Wild Wild Punjab is a rib-tickling comedy movie that revolves around Rajesh Khanna, fondly known as Khanne, who is recovering from a breakup. Determined to confront his ex-girlfriend at her wedding, he embarks on a chaotic road trip with his closest friends. However, this journey of closure and revenge soon turns into a series of hilarious mishaps filled with unexpected twists and goof-ups.

6- Vikings: Valhalla Season 3

Vikings: Valhalla is back for a third season. This Netflix series is set seven years after the Season 2 finale. Freydis Eriksdotter has firmly established herself as the leader of the pagan Jomsborg. Meanwhile, Leif Eriksson and Harald Sigurdsson have gained fame in Constantinople. However, their victories bring new, formidable challenges that test their resolve and leadership.

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7- Exploding Kittens

Based on the popular card game, Exploding Kittens is an adult animated comedy series about God, now Godcat, who is sent to Earth to reconnect with humanity while inhabiting the body of a fat cat. His new earthly mission leads him into a dysfunctional family where his divine interventions often go hilariously wrong. The series is streaming on July 12.

8- Commander Karan Saxena

Commander Karan Saxena is an upcoming action thriller series that streamed on the popular OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar. This series released on July 8, follows RAW agent Commander Karan Saxena, who is involved in a dangerous mission. Set against the backdrop of escalating tensions between India and Pakistan, the show is based on a character created by Amit Khan.

9- Showtime Season 1 Part 2

In the part 2 of Showtime season 1 steaming on Disney+ Hotstar, Raghu Khanna suffers a serious setback as his production house is raided by tax raids. Meanwhile, Saajan breaks up with Raghu and tries to hook up with Mahika. The complex relationship dynamics continue to evolve as Mandira and Armaan’s bond faces challenges. Be ready for more entertainment, thrill and drama.

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10- Kakuda

Kakuda is an upcoming horror comedy movie coming soon on ZEE5. Set in a village named Ratodi in Uttar Pradesh. The story follows Indira, a determined woman of science, finds herself embroiled in this chaos after marrying Sunny, a local resident. The story gets even darker with the arrival of Victor, a quirky ghost hunter whose unconventional methods add a layer of humour to the horror.


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