Technology trends that are affecting the iGaming industry in 2022


The internet gaming industry has evolved dramatically in recent years. New technological trends are emerging at an unprecedented rate, providing an opportunity to improve existing player experiences and build whole new ones. As a result, every business in the sector is engaged in a technological arms race.

Future iGaming firms will need to prioritize sophisticated technology across the board, not only in the development of games and platforms. There is no component of a digital sales funnel, marketing plan, or operational strategy that does not make use of cutting-edge technology. From collecting player insights for marketing teams to providing dynamic game content and building payment systems to manage compliance, crypto transactions, and payments, the world’s greatest digital trends have an enormous effect. You can distinguish successful operators from those that fall behind the global digital business curve by using digital solutions across departments.

Here we will present several trends that will affect the iGaming sector in 2022.

Several factors affecting gaming trends


Games for mobile devices

The majority of individuals spend every minute of their waking hours on these devices. You set alerts for them and keep track of meetings using apps, messages, phones, the internet, and other methods. As a result, it makes sense for game developers to look for methods to make online games easier to play. Mobile applications and mobile browsers may now be used to place bets on mobile devices.

Esports gamers are shifting to mobile phones in locations where PC access is limited. All they want is a reliable internet connection and a smartphone. The 5G connection significantly improves the accessibility and stability of games.

VR and AR

Virtual reality games have long been a pipe dream. It was until certain casinos started offering VR casinos. Players may now watch every minute of the game as though they were at a land-based casino. This concept, however, is still under development because of the expensive cost.

However, in esports, the VR feature just adds to the excitement of the game for both viewers and participants. It provides the appearance of a genuine game, making betting more appealing. And as we approach closer to the Metaverse, we can be certain that this notion will be around for a long time.

 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Last year, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin gambling skyrocketed, allowing users to place bets and earn immediate winnings. iGamers have been disappointed with the sluggish payments and excessive costs connected with eWallets, bank transfers, and loan refunds in recent years. Cryptographic-based casinos provide a simplified method that allows for faster withdrawals, improved security, and a level of anonymity that was not before feasible.

AI Application (artificial intelligence)

Artificial intelligence (AI) in video games refers to the construction of responsive, adaptable, and intelligent activities, particularly by NPCs. This enables you to operate as intelligently and artistically as if another human participant was coaching you. AI constantly sketches and records player activity to forecast future actions.

Artificial intelligence (AI) enhances the user experience by giving personalized capabilities. It creates new chances for the iGaming industry. It’s no surprise that many businesses are striving hard to integrate AI technology into their platforms. This is done to enhance the game experience and broaden the gaming alternatives.

Cloud gaming facilitates access to games.

Cloud computing benefits from more stable and quicker internet connections. This was a critical aspect in the implementation of cloud gaming. Cloud gaming is likely to expand in popularity in the future as it will provide access to games in the same way that movies and music do. Cloud gaming allows players to enjoy a constant gaming experience without having to wait for updates. This is particularly helpful for high-quality games. Users merely need a solid internet connection to play their favorite games indefinitely using this technology. This technique drastically lowers the cost of games and enables users to play them on a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Voice and facial expression recognition

Create your virtual avatar in the gaming world by using 3D scanning and facial recognition. You are extremely likely to enter the digital game world using this technology. We shall see that this technology is widely deployed in the iGaming business in the next few days.

Voice control games are a pleasant surprise for players who are bored of playing console games. Speech recognition technology is gaining traction in the iGaming sector, and consumers are beginning to utilize it to play games when they don’t want to use a gaming console. This technology will almost certainly have a favorable impact shortly.

Gambling with many players

The game becomes considerably more intriguing when you know who you’re up against. People tend to play with who they invite as games become more personal spaces for players. The genuine player maintains a respectable degree of competition while removing the uniformity introduced by the machine. Randomized iGaming software is required, and multiplayer games and actual humans compensate for its absence in some locations.


The iGaming industry has evolved considerably during the previous decade. As both conventional and non-traditional enterprises enter the iGaming market, the strong rivalry will drive the iGaming sector to unprecedented heights.

As digital gaming expenditure grows, you can expect an engaging gaming experience rich in social connections. The only way for game creators to progress is to embrace and experiment with all new technology and trends to make accessible and entertaining games.


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