10 Feel-Good Bollywood Movies to Watch When You Are Feeling Low


Bollywood has special means to make a place in our lives, and it surely has enough ways to please one and all. With all kinds of genres, Bollywood has to offer, one can choose movies according to their mood and preference. With Bollywood being a certified source of entertainment and knowledge as well, there are certain films that qualify to be termed as ‘feel-good’ Bollywood movies. These movies offer you a mixed platter with a pinch of humour, life lessons, drama, and giggles. These feel-good Bollywood movies can uplift your mood, and you can always find your way back to these movies when you’re feeling low and want a dopamine rush in your system.

Here’s our curation of Feel-Good Bollywood Movies that you can watch when you are feeling low.

  • Dear Zindagi

The SRK and Alia Bhatt starrer movie will liberate your soul and will come out as a breath of fresh air, making you want to believe a little more in yourself by the end of it. This movie makes sure that you shed a tear and then pass a giggle all in one go. It takes you on a journey that teaches you how to work your way through life. Watch this feel-good Bollywood movie for some soul searching and, yes, of course, some SRK charisma that won’t do harm to anyone.


feel-good Bollywood movies- Dear Zindagi

  • Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na

This movie makes you want to believe in the power of good friendships and how one can seek true love if they are rooted on the grounds of rock-solid friendship, with Imran giving one of his best performances next to Genelia. This movie has set goals for a lot to get their fair share of ‘airport romances’. Grab on a tub of popcorn and get on the ride with these college friends who can surely uplift you when feeling low.

Feel-Good Friendship Movie- Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

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  • Wake Up Sid

We all love a movie that we can relate to and draw similarities with when we see the protagonist go through something that resonates with our lives. Wake Up Sid is that coming-of-age movie that people in their 20s can absolutely relate to. Whether one is sailing in the same boat as Ranbir or the one same as Konkana, this movie gives you the assurance that things will work out and be good in their own sweet time. This movie will make you fall in love with Bombay and the steady rush that the city brings into one’s life.

Bollywood Movies which will make you happy- Wake Up Sid

  • Iqbal

A tale of a deaf and mute boy who is nothing but ambitious about his one true passion, Cricket sets out on a journey of fighting against all odds to achieve what he truly loves. With Shreyas Talpade giving a stellar performance, this is one of those feel-good Bollywood movies which would give you hope and confidence to keep your fears and disabilities aside and work on your goals with your head and heart to achieve something that is close to your heart.

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best bollywood Inspiring Movies- Iqbal

  • English Vinglish

With Indians making English a parameter to judge one’s class and intellect, this movie makes you feel good deep inside and gives a certain hope to believe in yourself even if you do not ace the language like a few others. There is a language that communicates with all, and that is the language of love and concern. With Sridevi resonating with a lot of people, this movie makes sure to instil some self-confidence and belief in yourself by the end of it.

heartwarming bollywood movies

  • Barfi

This feel-good Bollywood movie is a classic example that one does not need words to express and communicate their true emotions and feelings in life. A heart-warming tale of love and companionship of people fighting with their own disabilities, this movie will light up your eyes, with a smile on your face and a heart full of love. With Ranbir and Priyanka doing complete justice to their respective roles, watch this movie to giggle and lighten up your heavy heart with the simplistic joys of life.

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best hindi rom-com- Barfi

  • Munna Bhai MBBS

A ‘Jaadu ki Jhappi’ can surely be a cure to a lot of problems with the comfort that it assures you to give during your tough times. This movie eases out the ways in which one leads their life. A classic of all times, start over this movie whenever you feel low to get a good dose of laughter and a classic banter between two friends who look out for each other in all sorts of times. With Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi setting the bar way too high, this movie will give you some life lessons that will certainly glue a smile to your face.

classic Bollywood comedy movies

  • Dil Chahta Hai

A trendsetter and trademark of friendship and Goa trips, this movie is an evergreen cult for all the group of friends who wish to pack their bags and get on a mad journey with their tribe, eventually finding and figuring out their own identities during the journey. This movie withstands the tough times that Aamir, Saif, and Akshaye’s friendship has to go through, with you and your friends resonating with the trio at some point, making you want to value them and yourselves a little more.

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classic travel & friendship film- Dil chahta hai

  • Hera Pheri

Wish to get on a laughter riot and instantly uplift your mood? Trust Hera Pheri to tickle all of your funny bones while you feel low. A comedy classic of all times, this feel-good Bollywood movie will lighten up your headspace with some remarkable performances by the veterans of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal, and Suniel Shetty, the trio that became famous for their never-ending banter and drama. A movie that never gets old of its time, it stays loyal to you every time you switch to it to feel good.

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All time comedy classics

  • Dhanak

With the storytelling skills of Nagesh Kukunoor coupled with the simplicity of the performances delivered by the two child artists, this movie is one of a kind. The siblings’ bond makes you feel the warmth of love and satisfies your inner soul with the minimalistic joys of life. The ease with which one leads life, despite the difficulties faced in it, this movie is set to make your heart glimmer with joy and delight towards the finishing line.

heartwarming film- dhanak

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We hope our curation of these all-time favourite movies will ease up your mind and lighten up your mood during the times you feel you have lost it all!


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