Air Pollution Causes Neurological Damage, How To Protect Yourself?


Diwali is around the corner and another thing that might strike hard is, the air pollution effects that come with it. Yes! just like every year, Delhi’s air pollution index might touch a new high and we won’t be surprised if it breaks all the previous year’s record.

In a study done on people of Mexico, between the age of 11 to 27 years of age. It was found that air-pollution has many adverse effects on the mind of individuals, especially children.

Air Pollution effects

While, in earlier studies, it showed that air pollution is linked to Alzheimer’s diseases but the new study shows signs that it might lead to other neurological disorders as well.

But, we all know Diwali is around the corner and we would definitely be exposed to the harmful effects of air pollution like every year.

So, instead of just counting on the number of crackers, what one could do is take necessary precautions to make sure that this air-pollution debacle doesn’t happen. And if it does happen, which is the most probable situation, then how can you save yourself from it.

Now, for that to happen, the first thing would be to make yourself aware of the things that could be done to prevent the pollution from happening or to deflect the harmful effects of air pollution, right?

So, here are six points which you can practice by heart and make everyone else aware of the same, for only you alone cannot defeat the pollution.


Prevention is Better Than Cure

The air pollution will definitely saw a new rise because, on Diwali’s eve, you’d probably be busy burning crackers, incense stick in home temples, or burning the rubber along with making sure that the fumes from your cars go up into the air.

If we can prevent that and instead have a peaceful Diwali, how does that thought sounds to you?


Masks are Not Just To Protect Against COVID-19

Masks can help against air pollution as well and before the COVID-19 happened, the Delhites used masks to prevent themselves from the thick Smog that appeared for days. So, Having a certified, N95 mask around you, wouldn’t hurt.

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Healthy Diet Can Be Your Shield

While a healthy diet is necessary daily, the lack of it can put you up for the risk which can be caused by inhaling the heavy toxins in the polluted air.

Whereas, if you will add fruits, veggies, and food that works as an antioxidant, then scientifically, they can protect yours from the harmful effects.


Exercise Can Be Your Armour

A weak immune system can lead to having many problems and works similarly in the case of air pollution effects too.

So, keep doing light home workouts and make sure that your health is on par to fight the toxins from the air. It will additionally save you from the COVID-19 as well.

Using Air Purifiers 

Modern problems need modern solutions and this comes very true in the case of air pollution. It’s a new days’ problems and we have produced machines which can clear out the air inside your homes.

So, is there any reason why your home should not have one? We don’t think of any. So, before air pollution hits heavy, get yourself a new one.

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