Post Diwali Detox Tips.


  1. Add Ginger to Your Meals

Ginger is said to have anti-inflammatory properties and that can help you clear your intestines from all the garbage that you’ve eaten during the festive. Ginger has other health benefits on the side also like it can prevent some of the cardiac problems and in problems like Diabetes etc.


It is also beneficial for the liver as it can lower the levels of hepatic triglyceride, which can help you clear out your system and repair good digestion. You can have ginger tea or any can consume ginger any other way you would want to.


Let Probiotics Handle Your Gut Issues

Post Diwali Detox Tips.

After having a treat rich Diwali where one gulp down every kind of snack and sweets ever made on this planet, your gut gets filled with toxins and needs cleaning. Probiotics are good bacteria that can make your gut clean and toxin-free in order to keep it healthy.


Natural Sugar V/S Processed Sugars

Post Diwali Detox Tips.

The processed sugar is one rich source of calories and has no traces of any kind of nutritive component. It tastes great but upon consumption, its a calorie generator machine and caused problems such as diabetes, weight gain, and many more such problems.

In order to get the taste but free yourself from the increasing calorie count, consume natural sugars like honey, jaggery, and berries, etc.


Cut a Little on Your Diet

Post Diwali Detox Tips.

The Diwali week gives us an all-access pass to a fully-loaded fridge and we use it with quite the enthusiasm. We can binge on food for a whole week without even stopping to think that what will it do to our system.

So, as a counter major one must do the opposite for quite a few days in order to get the balance back. Eat less and include the foods that are almost harmless such as Khichdi and oatmeals in your diets.


Water is Your Saviour

Post Diwali Detox Tips.

You might neglect drinking water but ingesting water helps clean up all the toxins from the body. Keeping up with drinking a lot of water flushes out all the unnecessary stuff that has crowded our digestive system.

Think of it as a way to clean your system with a water hose just like you clean your car but it’s on the inside of your gut and the process is a lot slower than washing down your car.


Bye Bye Outside Snacks

Post Diwali Detox Tips.

One develops a habit of consuming the mouth watery eatables during the Diwali week and once you get the taste, it’s quite hard to let go of that. That’s the reason one should control the intake of any more such kinds of stuff.

You have craving for that hot spicy plate of momos or you want to gorge down onto rasgullas, well! it’s better that you don’t. Instead take some potassium-rich content like Banana, which fills your guts, strengthens your metabolism and makes you healthy.

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