Cancer Treatment Can Be Found Soon, Latest Trials Showing Positive Results


The Healthcare system in the world has achieved a lot but it has always failed when it comes to cancer treatment. For the longest time, cancer treatment and its cure are under the studies and finally, there is some hope we can see.

Scientists have been observing positive results from their latest trial of extraction of viruses from the cowpea plant to make cancer immunotherapies. The medication generated has been used on dogs already and they’re showing positive results.

To which it’s believed that if this medication could work in dogs then it can as well function for the human body.


Cancer Treatment

The virus is being extracted from the cowpea plant, the source of black-eyed peas. After which the deactivated cowpea mosaic viruses are shot into the tumor along with radiation therapy, which is working and shows a great promise for a cure as of now.

“If a treatment works in dog cancer, it has a very good chance of working, at some level, in human patients,” Jack Hoopes, a veterinary radiation specialist at Dartmouth College commented in an interview with The Wire.

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The virus works mysteriously and is under observation. They are yet to discover how it’s attacking the cancer cells and making them disappear. After that only, it can be tested on human subjects.

But going back to the tests that have been done on animal subjects namely a batch of 20 dogs. Out of which 6 had oral cancers and had a reoccurrence rate of 85-90 percent. But surprisingly none of them have been showing signs of cancer after being injected with the medication and given radiation therapy.

The cowpea mosaic viruses are making a name for themselves for other reasons as well some of which are as follows:

  1. It is easily available and can be mass-produced with much efficiency.
  2. They are symmetrical in nature which means that they can be modified to one’s needs and wants.
  3. If approved, they can make up for an easily available and fast producing cure for cancer which is long-awaited by many.

The hopes are high and work is under progress. This is also a ray of hope for patients that have been battling against the deadly diseases for a long time and wants relief.

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