05 Healthy Choices That Are Not Actually Healthy At All


Worried about your health and not being able to decide which foods to go for. Wait! We have some suggestions for you. But that might swipe off many items from your daily meals, including some healthy choices that you think are healthy but not.


Heath, Digestive and Whole Wheat Biscuits

If you’re eating any healthy biscuits, then you cannot call them fully healthy. They must have about 70% of maida (All Purpose Flour) and only 15% wheat content. It also contains a high amount of sugars despite not mentioning on the labels, which is harmful and misleading.

Muscle, Granola, Cereals

If you’re dependent on a packaged health cereals, you should know that they are not that healthy. The reason being that they come with a heavy amount of sugar as their target audience is kids, and they love sugar. Eventually, it will not make you go slim, but you can only get fat from that.List Of Foods That Can Help You In Gaining Weight Easily

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Fat-Free Mayonnaise

There’s nothing such as fat-free. All that companies do is lessen the amount of sugar that goes into making and label it as sugar-free. Yes! It may contain less sugar than other products in the same niche, but it’s not the one you should choose if your health is concerned.

Packaged Juice

Nothing is freshly packed and sugar-free when it comes to packaged juices. Yes! You can not go for the Real Juice and freshly squeezed orange puppies, because however, their marketing campaigns show it’s not real, right? The sugars might be switched with corn starch syrup or fructose, but they are the builders for visceral fats and will eventually attack your liver in the long run.

Brown Bread

If you’re a brown bread lover, then you should know that you cannot depend on that brown bread, for it might not be brown. We are saying this because often, it’s seen that the bread is colored and not brown in reality. If you go out and eat in a bakery, you’ll know the taste difference between the real brown bread and the one you get in a package.

Does A Healthy Diet Mean Cutting Off All The Carbs?

We’re sure they are many unhealthy choices that we make but if you’re choosing for a healthier lifestyle please read the nutrition and ingredients columns on the packaging to know more better.


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