Does A Healthy Diet Mean Cutting Off All The Carbs?


As it’s the new year and most of the people might be busy following their new year resolutions. It’s but obvious to include following a healthy diet one among all the other resolutions but Does a healthy diet mean cutting off all the carbs? It is good to follow a healthy diet but it is not good to restrict foods and obsessively count calories. Following a healthy diet should not mean restrictive calorie count each day but moderation should be the ultimate goal. 

Healthy Diet Food

According to the UK based fitness coach, Lucy Mountain, restricting the food that you love for the sake of losing weight might be the most unhealthy decision for your mind, body, and soul. Restrictive diets, exclusion of favorite food, keto diets, etc may lead to villainize food around. You might think that is going to keep your body healthy but it may even result in an opposite manner.

Lucy was formerly known as the Fashion Fitness Foodie with tons of Instagram fans. She said that keeping your hands off certain food items can put unnecessary stress on your everyday health. She shared on a recent Instagram post a diet-related graphics with her community of 309K followers. She said that in her early twenties she spent most of her time worrying about the daily calorie intake. She even realized later on that she did not even like eating salads but still she used to spend a good amount of time thinking about the calories in it. 

Every post on her’s on the social platform has helped many dieters reconsider their perspective on nutrition. She makes people aware of the fact that counting calories in every item you eat isn’t going to get you anywhere and makes sure that no one repeats the same mistakes as she did. 

People following Atkins and keto diets are often unaware of the values of carb in a balanced diet. Any nutritionist or healthcare provider will tell you that a significant amount of carbohydrates can be found in nutrient-rich items like quinoa, whole-grain oats, pulses. People tend to forget that most foods contain carbohydrates in some form or another providing us with energy. 

 Lucy inspires her fans to understand that a meal’s value doesn’t rest solely on its nutritional counts. According to her, there are so many good things to be found in a single food item regardless of the fact that it is healthy or just tasty in its own way.

She realized that tracking the calories in your kale salad or grams of sugar in your custard perhaps isn’t the best connection with food. Many of the people are not even aware of certain ingredients and their nutritional values and just get misled by false information.

If you want a sustained weight loss, you do not need to avoid foods. Try eating wholesome items that can nourish your body. 

Lucy’s dieting tips for the new year may make you a little fazed but they are as follows:

  1. Eat a significant amount of breakfast.
  2. Make sure to take protein with every meal.
  3. Enjoy pasta and other things that you love from time to time.
  4. Eat 2-3 varieties of vegetables each day.
  5. A decent amount of chocolate intake each day should be a must. 

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