Simple Saliva Test Can Be Enough For Accurately Detecting Asymptomatic COVID-19 Cases


The problem with the current pandemic situation is that it’s highly contagious and the testing mechanism is not that efficient. This increases the chances of a mass breakout as we’ve observed many times already.

But what if we can self collect our samples and check them out ourselves. That would actually cover up the second gap. As we’ve already applied several methods such as social distancing and more, to cover the first gap which is that it is contagious.

Simple Saliva Test Can Be Enough For Accurately Detecting Asymptomatic COVID-19 Cases

Research published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases claims that collecting your own saliva slab and testing it for asymptomatic condition might be possible. It will fast pace the detection process and can be applied on a mass level for the same.

For the research, two tests were conducted”

  1. PCR test
  2. RT-LAMP test

Both of these tests showed the same results. Also, using the nasopharyngeal swabs and saliva samples was enough to rightly detect the number of people who were not infected.

A success rate of 99.99 percent was observed in the case of nasopharyngeal swabs and saliva samples as they rightfully detected almost all of the uninfected volunteers out of the participating 2000.

“Rapid detection of asymptomatic infected individuals will be critical for preventing Covid-19 outbreaks within communities and hospitals,” said Takanori Teshima from Hokkaido University in Japan.

“Self-collection of saliva is painless for examinees, and more importantly, it eliminates the close contact with the examiners, reducing the risk of viral exposure,” said Teshima.

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“We also found that it is unlikely that the sensitivity of RT-LAMP is significantly less than that of the PCR test, suggesting that it might be a useful alternative for diagnosing Covid-19 infection, especially where the diagnosis is required at the point of sample collection, like in sports venues or at airports,” Teshima said.

If the process can be vastly followed than not only it will make the detection rapid. But also decrease the chances of contraction of COVID-19 from a medical staffer. As they’re usually in contact with some or the other who’s contracted with the virus.

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