You Might Be Getting Old Quickly During Winters, Know Why?

Getting old in winters

There are theories that say that we age faster during winters and if proper care is not given then we may lose our lustrous skin and all other components that make us look young. The main damage that occurs is on the outer layer of our body, which is our skin.

The skin is that part of the body that makes up for our overall outlook and plays a big role in the determination of our age externally by someone. The skin can make you look a lot younger if properly maintained and on the other hand it can increase your age if you fail to take care of the same.

Why ageing in winters

The probable cause that makes us look older or fastens our aging process are:

Skin Damage

Skin can be damaged by a lot of factors such as not having proper moisturization, which causes cracks in the skin and skin gets loose as well losing any luster it previously has.

Also, people have a misconception that one cannot be sunburned during winter which is not the case, you can get a sunburn. So, in order to protect yourself from sunburns get sunscreen when you’re out in having exposure to the sun.


Loss of Natural Oils

The winter season comes along with a lot of hot baths and showers, which are responsible for rinsing off the body’s essential oils. The extra hot water removes the layer of oil present above the skin surface and our skin gets exposed to many harming external factors.

Sedentary Lifestyle

People tend to get lazy during winters and this laziness becomes part of habit or routine. Getting cozied up inside your bed while streaming NetFlix and having a ‘Maharaja Mac Burger’ seems quite a nice idea but it will end up making you go downwards in your health management program.

You tend to gain more weight and end up doing more than necessary snacking which can cause some serious ailments such as diabetes. high cholesterol and much more resulting in you looking like an old chap.


Sunlight Deficiency areas

We tend to sneak in our beds and the warm feeling prohibits us from going out in the sun and that way we get a serious Vitamin D and Vitamin K deficiency. Sunlight is important for our body to develop Vitamin K and Vitamin D, which we can miss out on during our Winter House arrests.

Dark circles are the result of someone not getting proper sleep or someone who lacks a bit of sunlight and is considered a sign of bad health. The circles and overall bad health results in you appear older than your actual age.

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