Tips to Fight Against Dengue and Recover Rapidly.


The number of Dengue patients is increasing by the day and you could easily get infected too. But what if you’ve already a dengue patient, then you have to take really good care of yourself to revive from the same if you want to see rapid recovery.

There are medications and medical procedures to help you cope with Dengue and to get you all better. But if you coupled it with a healthy diet plan and include some of the foods having high recovery power, then you’ll be up on your feet even quicker.

There is an array of diet tips which could be followed here, some of them are:

Eat More Veggies


Vegetables such as spinach, pumpkin, paprika, carrot, watercress, celery, broccoli, and beetroot will trigger your platelet levels and help you purify your body.


Include Fruits in Your Diet 

Tips to Fight Against Dengue and Recover Rapidly.

Both Vitamin C and Vitamin K are essential to increase the platelet count. Hence, we should not only consume citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, kiwi or tangerines but also take fruits like strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes or currants.

Papaya Leaves may help too

Tips to Fight Against Dengue and Recover Rapidly.

The extract of the leaves of Carica papaya is being studied as a complementary treatment for disorders of platelet function.


Drink Green Coconut water

This popular drink is highly effective to raise the platelet level. Coconut water provides not only vitamins A, B, and C, but also has minerals, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus.


Yogurt is good for gut

Probiotics, also known as active bacteria, are found largely in yogurt. These are very useful for keeping the intestines free of harmful germs and bacteria that are capable of causing diseases.


Hot Bowl of Chicken Soup

Tips to Fight Against Dengue and Recover Rapidly.

There is scientific evidence that supports that chicken soup is of great help to stop the symptoms of colds and flu, stimulating the defenses so that healing is carried out quickly.


Gulp Down Green Tea 

This popular healing drink has a high content of polyphenols, which are very valuable anti-oxidant compounds with immunostimulatory effects.

Recent scientific research noted that a particular type of phenolic compound, called catechins, has the ability to eliminate some types of influenza viruses.


 Try Some Aloe Vera

Tips to Fight Against Dengue and Recover Rapidly.

Aloe Vera juice has multiple medicinal applications. It can be an excellent ally in taking care of cardiovascular health and promoting platelet production.


Eat Gooseberries

Tips to Fight Against Dengue and Recover Rapidly.

It contains vitamins A and C, which favor the formation of platelets. Likewise, its high concentration of anti-oxidants minimizes the impact of oxidative stress and the risks of suffering from chronic conditions associated with the decrease of these blood cell fragments.


Add Nuts to Your Meals


Proteins are essential for normal platelet count. Nuts and almonds are good sources of proteins. Peanuts and pistachios are also very beneficial, but somewhat difficult for digestion.


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