How to Keep Yourself Safe from Predators, Women’s Guide on Safety?


There has been a vibe of fear and narcissism in the air after the Hyderabad Rape and Murder Tragedy which shook the nation to its core. When something this horrific happens it’s sure to create an environment where believing even a good-natured individual becomes hard.

We cannot go every day accusing people or getting ourselves distance but what we can do is get empowered and fight back if something like this ever happens to one of us. There are self-defense classes and a variety of precaution including being aware that what is your options for help in dire need. We have created a list of what you should know as an individual to help yourself or someone else when the time comes.

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Self-defense techniques

We all should know a thing or two about how to defend ourselves against a molester or someone with bad intent. With self-defense techniques comes the power to be independent and live life with a little more freedom, afterall you have not been born to feel safe inside the walls of your home, it’s your right to go out in the night if you want to, to roam unexplored areas and have some self-time without any restriction.

So, if you’re someone who wants to enjoy her freedom you better have a little expertise in the field of self-defense because prevention is always better than cure.


Free Rides For Women at Night

The Government of Punjab and Sikkim have announced a new rule where a woman if stranded in the night and unable to find a safe ride home can call the Police helpline (100) and a dedicated PCR with women constable would arrive and would drop you at home.


Safety Essential Kit

If you’re someone who travels a lot or is going out and there is a probability that you might get in trouble then it’s necessary to have a safety kit with you inside your bag.

The safety kit should have some of the essentials in it and the list of those items goes as such:

Pepper Spray: This is something you’d know that you should have in order to spray in the eyes of the assailant and fled the scene. It’s better to spray and then go running off from the scene as there are always high chances of things getting wrong when you’re near the assailant. Keeping a pepper spray handy will feel you more confident as an individual.

Safety Whistle: When you could sense that something is wrong the safety whistle comes in handy for use as it has a high pitched volume and grabs the attention of the nearby people as well scare off the assailant before he approaches you in fear of getting caught.

First aid kit: The First aid kit comes in handy as well, suppose you are successful in running off the assailant but had to you’d got hit pretty bad and need something for covering the blood leak. Then at hose dire times, it required you to have a first aid kit nearby which would probably save your life.

It’s better to carry extra weight in your bag rather than having a light bag and regretting later, so being on the safe side everyone should carry a small first aid kit with themselves while traveling.

Extra Cash: Everyone should have a little extra cash stashed somewhere in their bags in order to use it in situations like if you’re mugged or need it for some other emergency. It’s better to have an extra amount of cash rather than having a deficit of the same in some situations where it’s urgently needed.

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