World Environment Day 2021: India’s Top 06 Environmental Issues That Needs a Solution


India has been in a mess when talking about environmental matters. The reason being that we are not efficient in our use of resources and that causes us a lot of harm.

Starting from being one of the nations with quite a bad air quality index to increasing vehicles which would only contribute to that negatively, we’re not going in a good direction.


On World Environment Day, this time we wanted to list 10 things that we need to be taking care of otherwise to face some serious consequences in the future.

World Environment Day


The year 2020 was recorded as the second warmest year in the history of India. Additionally, all the last 15 years contributed to the list of warmest year quite generously. This does not look good as if going like this, it’ll only create further environmental problems for us.



The use of excessive insecticides and pesticides and degraded agricultural land and has contributed to the overall environmental degradation over time in the country.

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India’s water bodies are heavily contaminated. About 80% of the water we have is polluted due to garbage disposal and dump sewage activities.


Air Pollution

India comes in second after China when it comes to recording deaths by air pollution. Also, India comes third in the list of countries with the worst air quality with an air quality index of 141 (as recorded in 2020).

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India is wasting away its rich biodiversity due to multiple factors. We consist of 7% of the world’s animal and plant species alone. That is a big number and an even bigger number would be a 21% land area of India is under forest cover.

We ought to use them and protect them very much as to maintain our stronghold in this domain.


Unsustainable Cities

Indian cities are not planned beforehand and thus most of the things are unorganised. Currently, only 28% of sewage water is treated before mixing it with water bodies. The rest 72% is allowed to go untreated creating hefty pollution in many ways.

On this World Environment Day pledge to take care of your surroundings, own this mother earth and take care of it.

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