13 Most Popular Cosmetic Brands Around the World

13 Biggest Beauty Companies In The World


The cosmetics industry is huge, vibrant, and constantly changing. There are a vast number of cosmetic brands vying for the attention of beauty aficionados worldwide in the categories of skincare, cosmetics, perfumes, and haircare.

13 Most Popular Cosmetic Brands Around the World

This article will examine the top 13 cosmetic companies from around the globe, each of which offers a distinctive fusion of innovation, quality, and style.

13 Most Popular Cosmetic Brands Around the World

1. Estée Lauder (United States)

Estée Lauder (United States)

Legendary American company Estée Lauder is associated with elegance and luxury. High-end skincare, cosmetics, and scent goods are available from it. The company’s commitment to excellence and its recognisable Advanced Night Repair serum has won over a devoted fanbase.

2. Shiseido (Japan)

Shiseido (Japan)

Shiseido, the oldest cosmetics firm in Japan, mixes cutting-edge technology with conventional Japanese skincare methods. Shiseido, a company well known for its skincare products, provides a variety of treatments for different skin problems.

3. NARS Cosmetics (France):

NARS Cosmetics (France):

François Nars, a makeup artist, developed NARS, which is renowned for its daring and avant-garde makeup lines. Makeup lovers adore the brand’s products, particularly its blushes and lipsticks.

4. Kiehl’s (United States):

Kiehl's (United States):

With its high-end skincare products, Kiehl’s, which was launched in New York City, has gained a devoted following. The company has earned the trust of skincare devotees because of its dedication to employing natural ingredients and addressing a variety of skin issues.

5. Huda Beauty (United Arab Emirates):

Huda Beauty (United Arab Emirates):

Huda Kattan, a makeup artist and prominent beauty figure, developed Huda Beauty, which has completely revolutionised the beauty industry. The company is renowned for its cutting-edge liquid lipsticks, complexion products, and eyeshadow palettes.

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6. Urban Decay (United States):

Urban Decay (United States):

Urban Decay is known for its edgy and bold makeup products. Their Naked eyeshadow palettes have achieved cult status, and the brand is celebrated for its cruelty-free approach to beauty.

7. L’Oréal Paris (France)

L'Oréal Paris (France)

One of the most well-known cosmetics companies worldwide is the French behemoth L’Oréal Paris. It provides for a variety of beauty requirements with a large selection of skincare, haircare, and cosmetics items. They have been a favourite among customers thanks to their dedication to innovation and accessibility.

8. MAC Cosmetics (Canada)

MAC Cosmetics (Canada)

With its broad selection of products suitable for all skin tones, Canadian company MAC Cosmetics has transformed the cosmetics sector. MAC is well-known for its open-minded approach to beauty and has a large following among makeup professionals and aficionados all around the world.

9. Maybelline (United States)

 Maybelline (United States)

One of the most well-known drugstore makeup brands globally is Maybelline, a L’Oréal subsidiary. It is renowned for its reasonably priced, premium beauty items, which include the well-known Great Lash Mascara.

10. Chanel (France)

Chanel (France)

The renowned French fashion business Chanel extends its elegance to its line of cosmetics. Chanel, which is well-known for its timeless and traditional makeup products, adds a touch of luxury to each purchase, making it a mainstay in many beauty collections.

11. The Body Shop (United Kingdom)

The Body Shop (United Kingdom)

British company The Body Shop is well known for its ethical and environmentally friendly approach to beauty. Their natural ingredient-rich skincare and body care products are popular with ethical shoppers all over the world.

12. Sulwhasoo (South Korea)

Sulwhasoo (South Korea)

Sulwhasoo is an excellent illustration of how South Korea has emerged as a centre for skincare innovation. This Korean company specialises in holistic beauty and offers a huge selection of beloved skincare products that are influenced by traditional Korean herbal treatments.

13. NYX Professional Makeup (United States):

NYX Professional Makeup (United States):

A famous drugstore brand, NYX Professional Beauty, is known for its large selection of inexpensive, vibrant beauty items. It offers products for makeup enthusiasts of all financial means.


These 13 cosmetic brands have become well-known by providing quality, innovation, and a distinctive approach to beauty in the diverse and competitive beauty business. There is a brand out there that fits your aesthetic preferences and values, whether you like high-end selections like Chanel and Estée Lauder or more budget-friendly choices like Maybelline and NYX Professional Makeup.

In addition to meeting the varied demands and interests of their customers, these firms also encourage confidence and self-expression through the creative use of cosmetics.

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