Nature Lovers’ Paradise: Here’s Why You Should Visit Ladakh & Spiti Valley Soon


If there’s paradise on this earth, it has to be Ladakh and Spiti Valley combined. With vast terrains spread all over the region, Spiti Valley is called Little Tibet and Mini Ladakh. 

Yet to be discovered for its true potential, these regions are still not visited by tourists as often. However, Ladakh is popular amongst mountain bikers who seek true adventure and thrill. 

When in this area, it is a must to trek along the Spiti capital of Kaza and continue all the way over to the many Himalayan ranges that surround Ladakh. As you see panoramic views of the beautiful snow-capped and widely spread mountains all around from the heights nearby, you will also notice nature at its beautiful best. 

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Ladakh and Spiti Valley are not just known for adventure sports but also their hospitality, delicious and unique food and the picturesque natural wonders present there. 

Create a perfectly balanced vacation filled with days spent biking or driving around the mountain ranges along with sightseeing the flora and fauna that these places treasure. 

Lakes, waterfalls, snow-capped mountain ranges, orchards and the large variety of animals found there, Spiti Valley and Ladakh welcome you to witness their spectacular views. 

This section will help you discover that Spiti and Ladakh aren’t just meant for dirt roads and fresh breeze but have too much more to offer than that: 


  • Ladakh Apricot Blossoms 

Not many people know about this, other than the locals who harvest the apricots that ornament the trees after the full bloom in April. 

Truly a magnificent sight to behold, it can be your own little paradise nestled in the cold mountains of Ladakh. If you plan to witness the Japanese cherry blossoms once in your life, then these apricot blossoms should be on your list as well. 

With a warm cup of tea in your hand, a clear blue sky above, take a stroll along this beautiful path early in the morning and clear your mind as you drive away your weekly blues. 

  • Chandratal Lake 

If it’s sunny out, then this lake is where you need to be. 

All clear sparkling waters and amazing mountain landscapes, this lake is also popularly called as the Moon lake because of its crescent moon shape. 

Trek till Kaza and make sure it is one of your pit stops in the area if you love nature photography. This place is also frequented by true nature admirers and photographers for the perfect photo. 

If you plan to camp overnight by the lake, you’ll see the night sky over this mountain region in a completely different light. On a clear day, you might even get the opportunity to see the divine views of the Milky Way galaxy without having to use a telescope. 

  • Dha Hanu Valley 

One of the many valleys housed within Ladakh, this place is recognized as the world’s coldest place. 

It is frequented by tourists to relive the war memorial and appreciate the local inhabitants from the Dha and Hanu village, representing the culture and traditions of the drokpa people. 

It is an isolated and unique world on its own vast stretches of wilderness and natural beauty to mesmerise the travellers

  • Nako Lake 

This place has to be the embodiment of the word ‘serene’. 

With tranquil waters flowing through, you can just kick back and relax here after visiting the Nako village nearby. 

Usually all green during summers, this beautiful lake turns into a winter wonderland with all the heavy snow and snow-laden forests. This iconic location is best to just reel in the natural beauty of Spiti Valley and its Tibetan influence on the surroundings. 

  • Suraj Tal 

It has to be the third-highest lake situated in the world and is quoted as one of the most beautiful lakes in India. 

The mountains surrounding the spectacular lake are laden completely with snow and the magnificent white reflects off on the beautiful blue of the lake. 

This place is also frequently visited by nature photographers and nature lovers as well. You might also be amused with the amazing weather, as high-speed winds keep blowing throughout the place and make for a perfect trekking experience with Suraj Tal as your pitstop. 


  • Hemis National Park 

Love snow leopards? Here’s the perfect place to visit then. 

This place has one of the highest densities of snow leopards and protects them to conserve their exotic species in their natural habitat. 

It is the only national park located on the highest altitudes in the world and is home to the Stok Kangri peak of the Himalayan ranges as well. 

Some of the unique species found in this national park are the Asiatic ibex, Tibetan wolf, Eurasian brown bear, red fox, golden eagle, a few species of vultures and different kinds of livestock as well. 

Flora in this beautiful place consists of mostly medicinal varieties which are rarely found and dry forest varieties like juniper, birch, fir and more alpine plants like anemone, delphinium, veronica etc.

Top 7 Solo Travel Countries to Visit on Earth You Can Explore

  • Pin Valley National Park 

Located in the Cold Desert Biosphere Reserve, this national park is also a fan favourite. 

You are bound to find large numbers of the Siberian ibex and the snow leopard. A lot of Trans-Himalayan bird species also migrate to and fro from this place every year. 

It protects several endangered species of flora most of which are important medicinal plants along with alpine vegetation spread all over the different kinds of habitat in this region. 

All these wonderful and picturesque locations are the reason Spiti Valley and Ladakh are considered a tiny natural paradise with its many sparkling lakes and rivers, waterfalls, snowy mountains and dense green forest and valleys spread all over.

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