World Hypertension Day: History, Significance and Preventive Measures


Today is World Hypertension Day and you need to know all about this day for a very special reason. Now, starting with its inception, it was first celebrated on 14th of May 2004 but the reoccurring date of 17th May was given in 2005.

If you ask the reason behind celebrating World Hypertension Day? Then the answer would be to simply spread facts around this condition and to normalize it on the front.


Yes! It’s a very common occurrence and it can happen to anybody but it’s still okay to have hypertension and being strong to be able to fight with the same.

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One more question might be looping in your minds about, what exactly is this hypertension? Well! It’s a condition where the individual has a blood pressure level of 140/90 and the condition is called severe when it reaches 180/120.

Moving on, let’s see what you can do to prevent or somewhat accelerate your problem of hypertension.

World Hypertension Day

Consume Superfoods

Eating right is the medication for half the ailments on earth. Now, if you eat well and consume nutritious food, your body will respond accordingly. Also, to meet this goal what better option do you have rather than adding superfoods to your diet.

Flax seeds powder, Ash gourd juice, Drumsticks, Beetroot, Spinach, and many more such products that have added advantage over normal foods should be added to your diet.

Exercise is Important 

Do you know about runners high? It’s the term given to the feeling you get when you end your run. Yes! It’s an amazing feeling of happiness, accomplishment, and more.

Now, while you are slogging off in your bed all day long with 20 different types of things to stress about. Change your routine a little and it’ll boost your overall growth and keep the blood pressure in check as well.

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Improved Sleeping Habits

You’re awake in the night and drowsy in the day. This is why you tend to attain less every other day and your accomplishment table is more so empty only on a day-to-day basis.

Make your sleeping cycle in a good way and you’ll get to see the sudden change it brings to your life. As result, you’ll be more happy and full with a feeling of accomplishment and more which is what keeps stress and hypertension at bay.World Sleep Day 2021: How to Get A Good Night Sleep and What Are Its Benefits?

Say No to Tobacco, Smoke, and Alcohol

You’re that someone who tends to go out smoking or drinking a beer whenever you’re stressed and you know what it does? Well! The added problems of hypertension, also add other ailments such as the risk of lung or kidney failure.

While if you get addicted, then not having these things will be the reason behind you having hypertension. So, you know that it’s better to quit these things rather than using them as a shield.

Destress With Meditation

Meditation is considered one of the best treatments for the problem of stress and hypertension. You’ll be able to focus more and attain more consciousness of yourself with this activity.9 Helpful Ways To Have Better Meditation Sessions

Add some scented candles, light music, and anything that soothes you and Voila! Here you have a perfectly calm environment to relax, focus and destress.


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