WhatsApp Multi-Device Login Might Arrive Sooner Than Expected

WhatsApp Multi-Device Login

The Whatsapp multi-device login feature which has been on the list of upcoming Whatsapp features might be released sooner than expected. The reason being the that Facebook-owned instant messaging app is already in plans for launching the feature for Beta users.

After the features are tested on Beta users then it’ll also be rolled out for the mainstream users. The current version of WhatsApp does not allow any such thing where one Whatsapp account can be logged into two different devices simultaneously.

WhatsApp Multi-Device Login

The problem that we face with such a constraint is that if something is to happen to the main device hosting Whatsapp. The data that we might have not backed up get lost and there are a lot of flexibility issues on that matter.

Moving forward, the multi-device login might brig in a security flaw as well. The Whatsapp has been boasting of its end to end encrypted structure where no replicas of the chat exist anywhere else than the user’s device.

But this will be lost as the devices would have to be in sync meaning that all the conversation records would be available all the synced devices simultaneously in real-time.

This news has been surfaced by the WABetaInfo which has gained a reputation of leaking some of the most credible information about the Whatsapp platform.

In the past, they’ve told first hand about the dark mode update which came true soon after and we have that feature running on our devices right now.

While some of the individuals who’ve been fiddling with the devices due to lack of flexibility are happy. There is a group of individuals who’ve been at discomfort for they might have to compromise on the advanced security option.

The true nature of the WhatsApp Multi-Device Login update would only be unveiled after the final launch, it’s expected that the security must not be compromised at any given cost.

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