Flipkart Offers Disney+Hotstar for INR 99, But Wait! Before You Click the Buy Button


Recently, a number of people reported seeing Flipkart offers Disney+Hotstar subscription which at just a mere sum of 99 INR. The actual price of the subscription is 1499 and the total discount offered was a huge 93 percent.

But, wait! There’s something you should know before you head on to Flipkart in order to get yourself a subscription of the same.

Flipkart Offers Disney+Hotstar for INR 99, But Wait! Before You Click the Buy Button


Coming back to the topic, just like you, others also went ahead, and soon afterward a large number of people actually purchased the 99 INR subscription.

But when this news reached the ears of Flipkart, they instantly denied passing of any such offer. And instantly removed the listing where the offer was being sold just like any other Flipkart product.

Afterward, Flipkart makes sure to announce this publically that they were not affiliated with this offer any which way. And that all the money which was generated from the selling of this listing would be refunded back to the users who have been thuged.

No details about who actually posted this fraudulent deal or anything else has reveled yet. But Flipkart is supposed to take strict action against the imposters pretending to be Flipkart themselves and hugging normal folks.

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Also, it shows that the internal review policy for product listing is not that strong at Flipkart. And that anyone can bypass it and post things which can in turn be used as a fraudulent medium or similar.

The problem might have been fixed but still, it raises too many questions. The primary of which is that ‘Can we blindly trust the e-commerce platform in current times? Because it’s true and you know it that many individuals do.

What would happen if it comes back to receiving stoners in places of iPhones or more just like it used to happen in the past? Comment down below what do you think of this and don’t forget to share.

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