WhatsApp Introduces the Menstrual cycle track feature in the new update


In cooperation with Sirona Hygiene, WhatsApp has launched a new period-tracking/ Menstrual cycle bot. This women’s menstrual cycle monitor chatbot will make it easier for them to keep records of their menstrual cycle. Even though there are multiple period monitoring apps accessible on the Google Play store, this latest Whatsapp chatbot eliminates the need to install an additional program. Sirona is an Indian company that manufactures feminine hygiene items and has its app devoted to a whole ecosystem centered on menstruation health and hygiene. There is also instructional information, community participation, and a built-in period tracker on the software.


How women can use WhatsApp new Menstrual cycle track feature

How women can use WhatsApp new Menstrual cycle track feature?

  • Period tracking through the WhatsApp chatbot is simple.
  • To enable the tracker, simply send a text message to +919718866644 with the word “Hi.”
  • The chatbot will give you three alternatives for how to proceed: track periods, conceive, or prevent pregnancy.
  • You can select any of them and complete all of the questions.
  • You can add basic data about your latest menstrual cycle, duration of their process, regularity, and so on WhatsApp.
  • So, that the chatbot can make a note and anticipate accurate period timings.
  • When you’re finished, the chatbot on WhatsApp will begin sending you notifications about your next menstrual cycle timings. It will also keep you updated on your ovulatory cycle so you can plan properly.


Keep in mind that all updates provided by the WhatsApp chatbot are dependent on the correctness of the data you provide, so make sure you don’t get confused about periods. Any changes in your menstrual cycle may result in inaccurate estimates. If your periods are delayed or your menstrual cycle is disrupted for any reason, you can change their information. Users can also view their preceding three menstrual cycles via the chatbot. The functionality is built on the WhatsApp Business Portal and runs on an easy-to-use chatbot UI that maintains a continuous flow of discussion with the user.

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