WhatsApp to Introduce Meta AI for Editing Photos Sent by Others: Here’s How It Works

All you need to know about the upcoming WhatsApp feature


WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new update for its AI chatbot, Meta AI, to enhance its photo interaction capabilities. This update will allow Meta AI to respond to photos sent by users and edit them based on prompts.

Currently, Meta AI, which is integrated with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, offers impressive text capabilities such as replying to questions, suggesting captions, and having conversations with users.


The new photo edit feature by Meta AI was spotted by WABetaInfo on WhatsApp beta for Android version and is expected to be available in the stable version soon. WhatsApp is considering adding a camera button in the Meta AI chatbot, similar to the one in regular chats, allowing users to share their pictures with the AI.

This new feature will enable users to ask the AI to identify objects or locations in photos or provide context for the photo’s content. Additionally, it will offer an option to edit photos via a text prompt. However, the extent of image editing capabilities Meta AI will have on WhatsApp is still unclear. Compared to existing AI-powered photo editing tools, Meta AI might be able to remove selected objects, replace backgrounds, and adjust the image’s appearance.

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Screenshots show that images uploaded will be analyzed by AI, and users will have the option to delete their pictures at any time. Previous reports indicated that WhatsApp is also working on a new ‘Imagine Me’ feature, which will allow Meta AI to create AI avatars. This feature was spotted being tested on the Android beta version

According to the report, WhatsApp will initially ask users to take a selfie, which Meta AI will analyze to create an AI avatar with a high level of accuracy and realism. Users will retain full control over this feature, as they can delete their setup photos at any time through the Meta AI settings.


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