WhatsApp Update: Hide profile picture, last seen, status from selected contacts


WhatsApp has come with an update that lets you hide your profile picture, status and last seen from a few selective contacts. The recent update from WhatsApp will now allow people to maintain privacy from certain contacts or people. 

Earlier, there was no such feature like this, and your WhatsApp profile picture was visible to all your contacts. All your WhatsApp contacts could also view the status. If a user wanted to hide their last seen, then the feature would have been applicable to all the contacts.


With the new WhatsApp update, now the users of the messaging platform will have the ability to select an option called ‘My contacts except’ to hide their profile picture, last seen and status from specific people.

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With this update, the WhatsApp users will have a total of four privacy settings in terms of profile picture, last seen and status. The first setting will allow everyone, whether they are in your contact list, to not view your profile picture and last seen. The second option, categorised as my contacts, will allow only your contacts to view your personal information.


The latest edition to the messaging platform will hide your details from selective contacts and, lastly, a feature that allows nobody to view your profile picture, last seen and status. WhatsApp is rolling out the update, and the users can avail of the service by updating their application from the play store on Android and the Apple app store on iPhone.

Recently, a report from WABetainfo emerged that highlighted that the Meta-owned messaging platform is also working on a feature that will empower the group admins by adding a group approval feature for adding a new person to a specific WhatsApp group.


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