Meta AI Set to Introduce Image Creation on WhatsApp; Here’s What You Need to Know

Like every time, this time also WABetaInfo has given information about the new feature on Meta AI. Let's know about this new feature in this article.


Today AI technology is dominating everywhere. Now it has entered on WhatsApp as well. Meta AI came on WhatsApp a few days ago, which is being used fiercely. Now in this episode, Meta AI is continuously advancing, which will also generate your image. WABetaInfo has given this information and has also shared a screenshot.

How can Meta AI generate your image?

WABetaInfo gave information on the social media platform X that after taking the setup picture, users can type ‘imagine me’ and ask Meta AI to create an AI image. This feature of WhatsApp is optional, that is, it can be enabled only if you want to use it.


When you type in the search bar, your chats show results as well as questions you can ask Meta AI. Meta AI doesn’t connect to your messages unless you ask it a question.

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How to search with Meta AI?

  1. Tap the search field at the top of your chat list.
  2. Tap a suggested prompt or type your own prompt and then press Send
  3. As you type a prompt, you’ll see search suggestions in the ‘Ask Meta AI a question’ section.
  4. If prompted, read and accept the Terms of Service.
  5. Tap a search suggestion.

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