Twitter Brutally Trolls Arvind Kejriwal as the Delhi CM’s Official Account Follows an Adult Content Creator


In an interesting and hilarious turn of events, the netizens on Twitter found something bizarre to exploit for their humour. Apparently, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s official Twitter account followed an adult content creator by the name of Esmee on the social media platform. This led to havoc on Twitter as the netizens could not keep their calm about the issue.

Kejriwal follows adult content creator on Twitter

From trending #tharkikejriwal to sharing a wide array of memes that mocked the current CM of Delhi the Twitteratis were brutal with their trolling of Arvind Kejriwal. We all know it’s the CM’s social media team that runs his account so it was definitely not him who committed the grave error but you know the internet is a cutthroat place for even the Chief Minister of Delhi.


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Even though the adult content creator Esmee has been removed from the list of people followed by Arvind Kejriwal on Twitter the netizens were quick to come up with some hilarious memes and trolls.

Here’s how Twitter trolled Arvind Kejriwal for following the adult content creator


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