What is the Threads app? How to Download it? Check out

Everything you need to know about Threads, an Instagram app.


Threads is the latest social media app created by Mark Zuckerberg led Meta. The app is quite similar to Twitter and many dub it as the perfect competitor for Elon Musk’s Twitter. Recently Musk responded to the development of Threads and called out the Meta for creating a copy of Twitter. However, Meta claims that Threads by Instagram is quite different in its own ways to Twitter. Here we have covered everything you need to know about this text-based conversation app which has already garnered more than 5 million sign ups in just the four hours of its release.

What is the Threads app? How to Download it? Check out

What is the Threads, an Instagram app?

Threads is a text based conversation app which has a similar interface to Twitter but a few new features which differentiates it from the latter.


Key Features of Threads, an Instagram App

1- Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has confirmed that Threads will have a character count limit of 500. In comparison, unverified Twitter users currently have a maximum limit of 280 characters for their tweets. On Instagram, a verified account can retain their blue badge when using Threads. However, Twitter offers a feature called “Twitter Blue” for $8 per month, which provides subscribers with additional benefits, including an increased character limit of 25,000. At this time, Meta has not announced a similar option for Threads.

2- Threads will have a requirement for users to possess an Instagram account. During the profile creation process, users will be given the choice to import their bio details and followers from their current Instagram profile. This will work in favor of Threads as it will provide access to the extensive userbase already present on Instagram.

3- Threads will allow users, including those who are unverified, to upload videos that have a maximum duration of five minutes. In contrast, on Twitter, users without the verified blue badge can only post videos that are up to two minutes and 20 seconds long.

4- On Twitter’s homepage, users can see popular trends and discover topics that might interest them. However, currently, the only way to explore content on Threads is by scrolling through the home feed.

5- During its launch on Wednesday, Threads did not seem to include a feature for saving drafts of posts, in contrast to Twitter, which already has this functionality available.

6- Threads will adhere to the content rules and guidelines of Instagram, which means it will have similar controls for muting and blocking accounts that engage in harassment.

7- Threads by Instagram has launched without any ads to gain a wider reach and help in the expansion of the latest social media app community.

What is the Threads app? How to Download it? Check out

How to Download Threads App on Android and iOS?

Threads by Instagram is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Interested users can search for the Threads and instantly download it to start using the app. However, one needs an Instagram account to get started with the Threads by Instagram app.


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