Never Have I Ever Rules: Here’s How to Play the Fun Drinking Game


Never Have I Ever is a fun drinking game that’s perfect for playing with your friends on a trip or a meet-up where you can all rest assured of not going back to your respective homes. Here we have listed the rules and regulations of Never Have I Ever which will help you enjoy this game and drinking to its fullest with your friends or close ones.

Before we proceed the game involves the use of alcohol so if you are below 21 you may proceed to read but don’t try to play this game until you reach the minimum age for drinking or you can substitute the drinks with some lemonade or soda to have your own version of Never Have I Ever.


Well, with that disclaimer out of the way let’s just get going.

Here are the rules of Never Have I Ever

never have i ever rules

Before you can actually begin the game you need to have drinks ready cause it can’t be commenced without that. We recommend getting beers as those will take quiet time to get you completely drunk which makes it more funnier and enjoyable. Slowly drifting towards insanity has its own merits. Trust us on this one. However, if you are a bunch of hard-core drinkers you may go with strong choices like whiskey or vodka, whatever you prefer. Since we got everything in place now let’s get started with the rules of Never Have I Ever.

  • You will need at least two or more people to commence the game
  • The players take turns listing all sorts of embarrassing or funny experiences they have had in their life by beginning the sentence with Never Have I Ever…
  • The other players would then have to take a sip of the drink if they had been involved in a similar situation and share their experience
  • If no one in the group was involved in the shared experience then the player who posed the query will have to take a shot
  • However, if one does not want to take a sip of the drink, he/she will only be allowed to do that only after performing a particular task given by the group

Pro tip: Just continue to say yes I Have to the everything that other players share and get drunk quickly as the real fun begins after that. Even though you won’t remember what you would do after that but I promise your friends won’t let you forget about the sh*t you stirred for quite a while.


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