X (Twitter) to Charge Money for Posting- Elon Musk Announces the Latest Controversial Feature


Elon Musk, the so called messiah of free speech and the owner of X, formerly known as Twitter has announced an outrageous new feature that has left the netizens stunned. People on the X are not really happy about the move and say that Elon Musk has himself become the destroyer of free speech.

Since becoming the owner of X (formerly Twitter), Elon Musk has been solely focused on making money from it. Initially, Elon Musk introduced X’s paid services and made the blue tick fee-based. Previously, the blue tick was free but subject to certain conditions. After becoming the owner, Elon Musk changed the terms and made the blue tick payment.


Elon Musk has now planned something big for new users. He has said that new users coming to X will have to pay to post, and this will be a nominal amount, although he has not revealed what the fee will be.

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Musk believes that after imposing a fee, there will be a reduction in posts from bots and fake accounts, as currently anyone can create a new account and post on behalf of anyone. He has said that this is the only way to stop bots.

According to X’s new policy, users will have to pay to post, like someone’s post, bookmark a post, and reply to a post. For free, you can only follow an account. Testing of this policy has been underway on the platform for a long time to prevent spam.


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