Twitterati Memes On Lockdown Crack Us, Yet Again!

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With over 2 weeks gone into self lockdown, many noticeable changes are seen in the country. The pollution level has lowered down, the air quality index is best as compared in the last 2 months, roads are far cleaner than before and people are experiencing new things in nature. With the said above changes Twitterati memes on lockdown crack us. as always.

Amid the situations, people from all parts of the country are sharing their experiences on how the current situations are far different from before. The most recent example has to be the spectacular view seen of the Dhauladhar mountain range from homes in Jalandhar.

These snow-capped mountains are part of the Himalayan range. As the level of toxic emissions has gone down in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, people are feeling more refreshed in the morning and at dawn.

Similar to the case of Jalandhar, metro cities including Mumbai and Delhi have recorded lower pollution levels, as compared to previous years, during the lockdown. Many wild animals such as Peacock, Elephant have been cited on streets in absence of the human race.

Adding to this, Netizens did make the topic interesting and posted sarcastic photos regarding lower pollution levels. In it, people are uploading fake images of famous places while captioning “they can see the place from their house”.

Twitter handle @trendulkar tweeted a photo of Burj Khalifa captioning, “Because of no pollution, I can see Burj Khalifa from Noida today. Nature is healing.” Another tweeter posted a picture of Bangkok Skyline and reported it to be seen from Jharkhand.

Taral Patel captioned the seashore of Karachi and asked if anyone else could see if from Mumbai. And last but not least, @Ndmodi2024 posted a photo showing God Shiva, Sikh Guru, Jesus and Buddha in the sky and stated the incident to be a result of the clean environment due to the lockdown in the country.

Apart from that, another meme that captured attention was the one where due to the positive effects of coronavirus, dead were coming back to life. Now, you may be guessing which ones? checkout for yourself then.

There are some other honorable mentions as well, which can tickle your funny bone and they are as follows


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So, how do you like that? Tell us in comments and share your favorite ones with someone getting bored amidst this crisis.