Elon Musk’s X Introduces Early Version of Video and Audio Calling on Super-App

X's official website also provided insights into this exciting development, stating, "We're releasing a new way of communicating on X, Audio and Video Calling. Audio and Video calling is now available on iOS and will soon be available on Android."


In a dynamic shift toward enhancing user experience, Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter) has unveiled an early version of video and audio calling features, marking a significant step in the platform’s transformation. Musk announced this latest update on October 26, a year after taking over the reins of the platform, expressing excitement about the introduction of these communication tools.

Elon Musk's X Introduces Early Version of Video and Audio Calling on Super-App

The official announcement from X’s website detailed the release of a new communication method: Audio and Video Calling. As of now, the functionality is accessible on iOS and is anticipated to roll out soon on Android devices, offering users a more interactive and engaging communication experience.

The Unveiling of Audio and Video Calling

The integration of audio and video calling has sparked enthusiasm among users on the platform. Many have shared snapshots of the “Enable audio and video calling” toggle in the app’s settings, indicating the feature’s arrival. Presently, the feature is accessible to a select group of users, enabling them to toggle this functionality on or off from their app settings.

This new offering involves various options for receiving calls, allowing users to specify preferences for receiving calls from those in their address book, individuals they follow, verified users, or a combination of these categories. Users can initiate a call by accessing a Direct Message with another user, tapping the phone icon in the top-right corner, and selecting the desired audio or video call option, as reported by The Verge.

Elon Musk’s Vision for X: A Super-App

Elon Musk has been steering X’s evolution into a multi-service platform, envisioning it as a super-app that caters to a spectrum of services ranging from messaging and social networking to peer-to-peer payments. This strategic move aligns with Musk’s long-term vision for the platform’s expansion and integration of versatile features.

Musk’s intention to introduce a super-app was previously hinted at and assured users that they wouldn’t need a phone number for these features, ensuring their availability on iOS, Android, and personal computers.

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Operational Dynamics of X’s Audio and Video Calling Feature

Basic Framework:

  • All accounts can receive calls, while the ability to make audio and video calls is reserved for premium subscribers.
  • Control over incoming calls is granted through Direct Messages Settings, allowing users to manage calls from accounts they follow or have in their address book.

Initiating Calls on iOS:

  • Access the envelope icon to navigate to messages.
  • Choose an existing DM conversation or start a new one.
  • Tap the phone icon to commence either an audio or video call.
  • Notifications are sent to inform the receiver of the incoming call and missed calls if unanswered.

Managing Audio and Video Calls:

  • During an audio call, users can employ functions such as speaker mode, mute/unmute microphones, and call termination.
  • Video calls offer features including camera switching, speaker mode activation, camera disabling, microphone muting, and call termination.

Call Control Settings:

  • Users can set preferences for receiving calls, selecting from options including people in their address book, those they follow, and verified users.

The implementation of these calling features is a testament to X’s dedication to fostering enhanced and versatile communication experiences for its users. As the platform continues to evolve into a multi-service hub, Elon Musk’s vision for a super-app seems to be steadily taking shape, promising a diverse array of services for its global user base.

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