Top 10 Disadvantages of Drinking Too Much of Coconut Water

Disadvantages of Coconut Water

Some people say that coconut water is a ‘Magic Drink’ that should be consumed daily as it has no harm to our health. But when we came across different studies, we were stunned to know that coconut water is not healthy after all as it also has its disadvantages.

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And we never came to know about it before. That is why we have listed 10 disadvantages of drinking coconut water for our consistent readers so that they will also get alert and make a decision whether to continue drinking coconut water or not.

Here is the list of disadvantages of drinking coconut water that you do not wish to miss and may pay good attention to it before drinking it next time.

Disadvantages  of Coconut Water

10 Disadvantages of Drinking Coconut Water Too Much 

  1. Athletes Shouldn’t Drink Coconut Water

If you are an athlete then you should always prefer plain water rather than drinking coconut water because plain water has more amount of sodium than present in coconut water. Coconut water contains less amount of sodium content even compared with sports drinks and according to so its nutritional facts coconut water just contains one-tenth the sodium of other sports drinks. So, coconut water is not an ideal drink for athletes.

  1. Not Good for People Prone to Allergies

Basically, coconut is a tree nut and there are many people in this world who are allergic to food items and coconut can be one of them. Those who are allergic to coconut should avoid it at all costs because it may have adverse effects.

  1. Increases Blood Sugar

Coconut water might not fall under the category of sugary drinks but it is rich in carbohydrates and calories. So, people with blood sugar problems shouldn’t drink it frequently, at least give a break sometimes. So, it is not the best option to drink on daily basis for those suffering from blood sugar problems.

  1. Might Act as Laxative

Drinking coconut water excessively can result in laxative effects on your digestive system as coconut water is a natural laxative. People with irritable bowel movements should completely avoid drinking coconut water as this is not good for their health.

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  1. Should be Consumed Right After Cutting It Open

It is said that coconut water should be consumed right after it gets opened because it will immediately start losing its beneficial nutrients if left open for some time. After it loses all its essential nutrients, then it will no longer be a healthy drink.

  1. May Cause Electrolyte Imbalance

Anything consumed excessively can lead to major adverse effects and it is the same with coconut water too because drinking too much coconut water can cause hyperkalemia. This can cause weakness, loss of consciousness, or even light-headedness. Due to the presence of a high amount of potassium in coconut water, excess consumption can cause fatality.

  1. Possesses Diuretic Properties

You can say that this is another disadvantage of consuming coconut water because coconut water has diuretic properties which means that drinking too much of it will lead you to the bathroom many times. That is why it is said that high consumption of coconut water can be unhealthy.

  1. Not Goof for People with Frigid Body

Sometimes, some things are never meant for everybody because in the case of coconut water it may not suit people who are chilly in nature. If you are living in a cold environment then you should avoid coconut water because it is already cool and may further make you even cooler. Thus, it might cause discomfort and may make you suffer from cold more often.

  1. Lowers Blood Pressure

It is better to consult you’re a dietician because coconut water may lower your blood pressure and in case if you are high on medications then it will help as it will be acting opposite. Never drink or eat anything without knowing its effect on our body and without checking its nutritional facts.

10.High in Calories

Everyone knows that freshwater is relatively low in calories, but recent studies show us that even 11 ounces of coconut water can contain up to 60 calories which is much when you put your effort into burning them.

It has around 45-46 calories when measured in a cup, whereas bottled or packed coconut water contains 91-92 calories which are a lot more than fresh coconut water and will also help in gaining weight. So, it is better to go after a fresh one instead of packed water.


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