Jacqueline Fernandez Is Running Top In Her Fitness Game, Here 5 Fitness Lessons You Should Learn From Her


Jacqueline Fernandez is known for her summer body and no way that you can say otherwise. She’s one of the fittest of them all when it comes to the actress and model in the Indian film industry.


Now, how does she do it? Like, keep going at it and churn herself every day towards her goal. Well! We have five takeaway points or let’s say secrets of Jacqueline Fernandez that you should know.

 Here 5 Fitness Lessons You Should Learn From Jacqueline Fernandez

Here 5 Fitness Lessons You Should Learn From Jacqueline Fernandez

Keep Going At It

All you need to do every day is keep going at it and you should not stop whatever the reason be. Why do you ask? Well! Here’s the answer.

“I work out for an hour a day. I’ve been at it for years now. Balance is key,”

“I have been dealing with some major anxiety these past few weeks, however being consistent with yoga has taught me the valuable lesson of being in the moment and what’s even more important, gratitude, for life and being alive,”

That’s what Jacqueline Fernandez has to say for the same.

Having Fun is The Most Important Thing

When you’re having fun, even hard stuff gets easier, that’s something you might have already experienced before.

Now, you should know that for getting a ripped body, having fun plays an important role or as Jacqueline Fernandez would say about her pole dancing routine, in where she’s having fun and working out at the same time.

“Keep it simple, you don’t have to break the bank,”

“No matter what you do on the pole, your upper body gets super ripped,”

Environment Is Important

If you’re not surrounded by a good environment then it would not be possible for you to concentrate and think. Which is very much important for having good mental health and physical one too.

. “Make sure you put on some good relaxing music and breathe,” she suggests.

Don’t Follow The Stereotypical Workout Routines

Your workout can be anything that helps you break a sweat, it’s not necessarily meant that you go to the gym and lift weights.

As an example, Ballet dancing is a workout for Jacqueline and she treats it as fun and a workout at the same time. She has been training under Cindy Jourdain and she has a lot of good things to say about her.

“Jacqueline and I met a few years back when she wanted to improve her flexibility. I taught her ballet privately, and our bond developed from there. She possesses a very athletic Sri Lankan physique and, in my book, can pretty much do anything you ask of her,” as quoted by her trainer Cindy.

Enjoy Along The Way

The journey is important and not where you’re reaching as the destinations is never final, you’ll always have scope to grow more. But enjoying what you do is the most important thing.

As Cindy says “In this field, you see most people are judgmental and lose efficiency in their workout by allowing their inner critic to take over. I like that Jacqueline enjoys the discovery and doesn’t worry about the process, but instead openly accepts and learns each time,”.

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