7 Combination of Food Items that Will Help in Speeding Up Your Weight Loss in 1 Month


Eating a healthy diet and intaking a limited number of calories has become a responsibility for us in order to take care of our body. It is necessary to choose the right ingredients that will boost our immunity and make us stronger. But, do you know that sometimes combination of food items can also help in weight loss?

It’s a matter of lack of knowledge that many believe only certain foods can help you in attaining the best shape for your body. Every health food item has weight loss benefitting properties, so mixing two foods will help you in achieving your goal faster. Also, if you mix two right foods then you can burn your calories faster. You didn’t know that, right?

Not only the effect but the taste is also enhanced and gives you a feel of having a new meal that you have never tasted before. So, try these best combinations of food items that will help in speeding up your weight loss in just 1 Month.


Combination of Food items for weight loss in just 1 Month


  1. Green Tea and Lemon Juice Combination for Weight Loss

Green has proven to be a good detoxifier as it is filled with catechins and other rich oxidants. Also, it is a low-calorie drink that will keep you energized throughout the day. Sipping 2-3 cups of green tea will help in maintaining the level of your blood pressure and body weight too.

It can be paired with lemon juice that will enhance its benefits and apart from its benefits it will taste good as it is a good absorber of nutrients.


  1. Potatoes with Pepper

Potatoes are generally known for making fat but that’s not completely true because you will be astounded by its nutritional facts as potatoes are more fiber-rich than oatmeal or brown rice. If you want the best out of its nutritional content then try to pair potatoes with pepper seasoning that will speed up the weight-loss mission.

Well, who isn’t aware of pepper, pepper contains piperine which is an essential extract that will help in lowering cholesterol and speeding up the process of weight loss.

  1. Eggs with Coconut Oil

If you are an athlete or a gym freak then you know the importance of including eggs in your diet as they are one of the best weight loss-aiding foods and also highly rich in proteins. Next time when you are about to prepare eggs in the kitchen then uses coconut oil as it contains MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which is responsible for keeping the level of cholesterol low and also benefits your health.


  1. Rice and Lentils

What can be the best meal other than dal chawal as we have grown up eating it. Whether it might be dal chawal or rajma chawal, every time we get the opportunity to eat any of these, we enjoy eating them. These meals make a perfect combination for benefiting in weight loss as pulses and lentils are highly rich in protein and on top of that if you add rice then it makes a good energy-giving carb source.


  1. Vegetables with Paneer/Chicken

Including veggies in one-time meals is necessary to remain fit and healthy. Veggies also weigh low on carbs and great for weight loss. The best thing about veggies is that they can be easily added with other food items and the taste won’t be compromised at all, in fact, the food will taste better with veggies.

Next time, when you are having only veggies in your diet then do remember to include nutrition-rich protein sources too, that is, paneer, tofu, or simply chicken. This will make a wholesome meal that will deliver great benefits and keeps your body in shape.

  1. Oatmeal Topped Off with Nuts and Seeds

Oatmeal is the best meal for breakfast as it is a wholesome meal to fill your belly. There is one more way to make this meal even better. Next time when you are going to prepare oatmeal for your breakfast then do not forget to add fiber and antioxidant-rich nuts and seeds such as chia seeds, walnuts, almonds, cashew, etc. to it.


  1. Coffee with Cinnamon

It is important for you to know that coffee is one of the low-calorie drinks that you consume frequently on daily basis. If you are looking for a fine sugar substitute, then you should try adding cinnamon to it next time as cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants and has inflammation-reducing properties that have been linked to weight gain and obesity.

Cinnamon is generally known for controlling your diet, reducing cravings and hunger pangs. Cinnamon helps in cutting the fat from your body even when the body is inactive that will surely help you in fighting obesity.

There are food items which are combined for weight loss but should be avoided at the time as many of you don’t know their side effects.

Watch this video below to know 7 food items recommended for weight loss must be avoided 


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