Why and How Your Water Intake Levels Determined Your Overall Health

Why and How Your Water Intake Levels Determins Your Overall Health

Drinking water might sound very common task to you but it is one of the most important ones for the maintenance and overall health of your body. Let’s check some pointers on what we need to do with our water intake and how to handle the same according to our bodily needs.

Why and How Your Water Intake Levels Determined Your Overall Health


Weight Loss

Drinking water helps in the weight loss program as well. The reason is that it increases your metabolic rate and for an average human, drinking water before meals decreases their calorie count as well.

Improves Overall Health

The overall health of individuals will be improved upon drinking water as it cleans out our system and acts as a purifying agent. Also, It helps in maintaining body temperature, brain function and also helps in physical performance as well.

Beneficial for Skin

Drinking a lot enough water results in decreases the skin surface PH and also, increases the skin hydration level. All these results in making the skin glow more radiantly and giving you an overall plus when it comes to the overall look of your face and body. Thus, boosting the body image as well.

Kidney Stone Prevention

Drinking enough water makes sure that it’s also coming out of the body in the same amount but this time carrying numerous impurities from the body. It is proven in studies that high water intake reduces the chances of kidney stones.


While there be a thousand benefits to drinking water, there are side-effects as well. Drinking more than 100 ounces of water which converts to 3 liters of water in a day is also harmful to some. It acts up with your electrolyte balance leading to hyponatremia.

Hyponatremia, for those unaware, is a disease that hampers the health of an individual causing weakness, blurry vision, low sodium levels in the body, and more.

The last thing that an individual should know about water intake is that one needs to drink enough water to sustain themselves fully but not overdo it. Also, the body can only digest one liter of water per hour, so you need to divide your water intake time in that manner only.

In the end, it’s you who knows what your body needs and you need to act accordingly.

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