Reena Malhotra Chopra recounts her fortunate career as a Painter

Reena Chopra Popular Paintings of all time

Reena Malhotra Chopra a popular painter and Entrepreneur, was born in Singapore but nurtured in Nairobi, Kenya. She is now residing in India. Her nationality, on the other hand, is Indian, and she belongs to the Khatri Punjabi (Hinduism) by caste and religion. Interestingly, She is the mother of actress and singer Parineeti Chopra.

Reena Chopra with here daughter Parineeti

Reena Chopra is nowadays known for her profession as a Famous Artist/Painter. Significantly, her art is a reflection of her culturally diversified experiences. She demonstrates a wide range of topics that are not limited to a single style or medium, and are influenced by the country in which Reena was born and brought up. She displayed her Peacock Journal and presented her successful artist journey.

How did Reena Chopra develop her interest in art and paintings?

Reena Chopra was well-known for the diagrams and projects that she did in school and college. However, she never painted formally. She only dabbled in it. It has always been a spontaneous and pleasant activity for her.

Reena’s Daughter Parineeti Chopra and her siblings insisted on her creating art and paintings. Firstly her children gave her every piece of art and equipment they could think of to delight her mother on her birthday. Secondly, Reena didn’t want to squander her family’s money or efforts, Finally, she began painting.

With no formal art instruction, she was motivated to take assistance from others to grow and improve her skills if she wanted to pursue her passion. Reena Chopra used YouTube and social media to her advantage because painters from all over the world readily imparted their knowledge. A little bit of inspiration got her a long way.

Reena’s paintings are very popular in the Indian market and are available for purchase. She is now a professional painter/entrepreneur, and many of her artworks have sold at premium prices

Let’s take a look at the most current popular Reena Chopra paintings that are available for buying and are also trending on Instagram.

A land Far Away

This painting offers a true depiction of a forest and a river flowing through the trees, where no human life exists. This painting is one of the best artworks of Reena, and it is also for sale at

 Gondolas in Venice

Gondolas were the primary mode of transportation in Venice centuries ago; nowadays, they convey travelers from one end of the city to the other. This artwork is a beautiful scenario that will recall your Venice trips memories. Interestingly You can buy this painting if you like it.

 Le Lion

If you desire to live like a Lion and enjoy your kingdom, this painting will inspire you. Le Lion is a stunning painting that symbolizes a bold, proud, strong, and mighty persona.

Azure Sea

Feeling blue can be a joyful and uplifting experience, similar to how an azure sky or crystalline water can improve your spirits. This painting will keep you alive the whole day.


Yukon art prints that you will adore can be used to decorate your home. Moreover you can Decorate your wall with artwork and popular designs from Reena Chopra Yukon Painting.


Eutopia is a place where human civilization, natural conditions, and so on are so excellent that there is complete satisfaction. Significantly, this painting inspires a person to become idolized in life.

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Raging Ocean

This artwork of the ocean touches the heart, awakens the imagination, and fills the spirit with endless delight.


The magnificence of a sunset is incomparable, and each one brings with it a peaceful way to finish the day as well as the guarantee of a sunrise. Additionally this Painting is a great reminder to rest and restore your heart and thoughts at the end of each day.

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