Pandey’s Paan: Where it is located and what type of paan they serve?

Pandey's Paan: Where it is located and what type of paan they serve?
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There are various paan stores in Delhi, but Pandey’s Paan in CP is one of a kind. From the nation’s top politicians to Film stars, everyone has enjoyed paan from this shop. Pandey’s paan has been eaten by US President Donald Trump and Indian PM Narendra Modi. In the Pandey paan shop, there are many different types of paan, all of which are delicious.

Pandey’s Paan Legacy:

Pandey’s Paan extraordinary journey began in 1943, with a modest paan shop on North Avenue, to the renown and patronage it enjoys today. The late Shri Shiv Narayan Pandey was employed as a clerk in Grindlays Bank before opening the little business with only 8 paise. Thus, he established a heritage that was continued by his child, Devi Prasad Pandey, who in turn passed the legacy to his children, Hari Om Pandey, and Hari Shankar Pandey.

Pandey's Paan in North Avenue and CP
Pandey’s Paan in North Avenue and CP

What makes the paan at Pandey’s paan so special?

The paan petals are carefully cleansed with distilled water before being handled, and the worker wears bacteria-free clothes before handling the components. Unlike conventional paan, it does not leave any red marks on the mouth. Pandey’s Paan melts in the mouth in 30 seconds, leaving behind an unparalleled flavor experience that entices customers to keep returning for more.

They provide a distinct tobacco-free style to paan. In their creations, they do not apply Katha, choona, or supari. As a result, their customer includes youngsters as young as five years old, schoolchildren, housewives, and senior.

Where Pandeys paan is Located?

Pandey’s paan has two outlets in Delhi. The first one is Shop No-3, North Avenue, New Delhi, India 110001 (Behind- MP Club) and the second outlet address is M-22, Connaught Cir, Block M, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001.

10 best paan at Pandeys Paan that you must try after dinner


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Madhuri Paan Rs 65

Chocolairs Paan Rs 65

Anar Paan Rs 65

Butterscotch waffle paan Rs 130

Choco Caramel Paan 65

Grapes Paan Rs 65

Butterscotch Paan Rs 65

Blueberry waffle Paan 130

Choco Irish Paan Rs 65

Mango Paan Rs 65

Note: All the Paan Prices mentioned above are according to availability on food delivery app Zomato. You can order now at Zomato for home delivery. Significantly you can also book special paan for couples from the Official website

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