Pin Direct Messages On Twitter With This New Feature


Twitter has a new tool that has been released that allows users to pin their direct messages. Twitter announced in a recent tweet, revealing that the ability to pin chats is now available to all users.

This feature was previously part of Twitter Blue on iOS, a paid subscription on the platform that gives users access to some exclusive features. Nonetheless, Twitter has made direct pin messages available on Android, iOS, and the web. 


The micro blogging service now allows users to pin DMs so that conversations with their favorite people are always in front of them. The feature will enable users to keep their most-conversed conversation windows at the top of their screen. Now that all this has been said, here is how to use the feature. 

How To Pin DMs on Twitter 

You may now pin up to six conversations on Twitter, and they will always appear above your other messages. Here is how you do it:


To save a conversation on android phones, just press and hold the message you want to save… Eventually, “Pin Conversation” is expected to pop up over the other options.


To pin DMs on Twitter on an IOS phone, you head to your DMs and swipe right on the conversation you want to pin.

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To pin DMs on Twitter on the web, you hover over a chat in your inbox. Consequently, the three-dot menu appears. This is where you’re going to find the pin option. 

Furthermore, Twitter is also introducing new bot labels, which will allow bot accounts to show a badge that indicates they are automated. Hence, anyone using a bot account on Twitter can label their tweets to suggest automated. The label was initially tested in September and is now being distributed globally.

Longer video uploads and NFT profile photos are two features added to Twitter Blue’s private Labs category now that pins are more widely available.


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