New Features and Updates on WhatsApp: Bigger Photos and Videos on Chats

Even small things matter! Earlier this week, WhatsApp announced new features that will soon be rolled out to all users. This new whatsapp feature will display images and videos shared in the chat box in larger format or in its exact size.

Previously, we could only see cropped or cut images of the actual files shared in the chat box and had to open them to view the complete image.

New Features on latest Whatsapp update

Say no more to such hassles, with this new feature all WhatsApp users can now view enlarged preview of images and videos on chats itself. Yes! WhatsApp will not crop these media pieces anymore like before.

New Features and Updates on WhatsApp: Bigger Photos and Videos on Chats

Previously, we only ever got to see half of the image or video shared on chats which required us to open the picture to get a full view of it. With the new WhatsApp update we can save time and enjoy videos on chats itself.

WhatsApp dropped this new innovative initiative via a tweet. The tweet also included the new style pattern in which the images and videos would appear on chats from now on. Although this is new feature might seem as a small update, it is actually a major fix as users often complained about having to send time on opening images and waiting for videos to download and then watch.

WhatsApp already rolled out the services of this new feature for all iPhone users last month, and it has made it available across all devices globally now.

What’s more is that, Twitter also seems to be interested in this new feature of WhatsApp. It is currently testing same feature for its timeline and working towards making full view of images and videos accessible on timeline itself. So, soon everyone will be able to tweet images and videos that will be displayed in its exact size on everyone’s timeline.

This would attract more audience and increase the engagement.


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